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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yet, He Stands There Stuttering in His Miserable Failing ClusterF@#$ery

via NewsMax
President SCOAMF’s job approval rating is caught in a funk. A new Gallup Poll shows the rating stood at 43 percent last week, identical to the prior four weeks. The president’s disapproval rating registered 49 percent last week, also unchanged from a week earlier.

To be sure, SCOAMF’s approval rating has recovered from his term low of 40 percent, which was recorded in August during the debt ceiling saga. Still, SCOAMF’s rating has sagged from the 45-50 percent range it occupied for much of the first half of the year. In January, it stood at 49 percent.

Honestly ... I can't believe there are 43% of those hootennannies that look at what this President has done and call in with approval.

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  1. Maybe because they are not uneducated racists losers like you! Obama is not doing well trying to dig out from under Bushes mound of debt and financial crimes. But there is NO candidate running who has any chance to fix America. I know Newt. He is not a moral man and if elected will keep America involved in some costly Conflict just to keep Lockheed and others of the military industrial complex getting paid. Bring our troops home and focus our energy on fixing America. Patriotism is loving your Country enough to fight it's government.