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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As SondraK would say, "There is a word for this."


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Class vs Crass


Jewels Courtesy of The Looking Spoon

Nice Rides

1957 Chevy Belair

The ’57 Chevy is one of the most recognized icons in the Automotive industry. Stylish and Sporty the there’s no doubt that it’s one of America’s best and most loved cars. The 1957 Chevrolet a few different trim levels; the base-model "150" series, the mid-range "210" series, and the upscale Bel Air series. An upscale trim option called the "Del Ray" was also available for 210 2-door sedans, and there was a limited production two-door station wagon called the "Nomad" and also even scarcer was the "El Morocco", a custom hand-built series that mimicked the Cadillac.

Under the hood Chevrolet had achieved an engineering milestone, Ed Cole worked magic developing Chevy’s small-block V8 engine. The original edition was enlarged to 283 cu, with several optional power packages available, pushing it up to 283 hp. The Super Turbo-Fire 283, a $550 option, produced the advertised 283 horsepower with the help of Ramjet continuous-flow fuel injection. On the outside the Bel Air was distinguished with more chrome and featured a golden grille set off with a heavy chrome bar that included parking lights. The rear fins were capped with chrome moldings and highlighted with anodized aluminum side trim panels. The fuel-filler door was concealed in the left rear chrome fin trim, a small but convenient detail that helped clean up exterior lines.

The 1955-57 Chevrolets remain a favorite with hot-rodders and classic car enthusiasts.


Good Morning

Someone To Remember Me

Available on Kindle or Nook

A Novel ... Brendan is my Nephew Buy it Here

UPDATE: Bumped Again

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Solyndra Philipines Style

via the Curmudgeon

How about a Window in your Kitchen.
Dont tell the SCOAMF. He'll just ruin the essential pesos.

Gas Prices in SD

I bought gas a little over a week ago at $3.72 a gallon ... Thanks SCOAMF

An Appropriate Apology

Just Listen ...

When Google "Likes" Kate Upton

I Love Kate Upton

I thought it was BigFurHat again. Nope. Google Really Likes Kate Upton

UPDATE: TRW's Hllelujah Friday Babe Kate is number 10 on the Google Image Search. Next it'll be a Pulitzer for publishing Bikini Girls online and a visit from Kate herself looking for Dave in PB

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Babe

Bar Refaeli

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday TRW

TRW Turns 3 Today

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's Whittle

As if Whittle isn't awesome enough on his own, He throws in a clip from Act of Valor at the end.

Truth Team Comics

via American Digest

There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress. ~ Mark Twain

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nice Rides

1956 Ford Victoria

For 1956, Ford sported only minor styling changes and continued with the trendy Crown Victorias, adopting their longer, lower roofline for all Victorias (and Mercury hardtops as well). A four-door Victoria was even added, but not in Crown form.

Ford now featured 12-volt ignition (Chevy had it in 1955) and a choice of three V-8s. The venerable two-barrel carb 272 was rated at 173 bhp with stick, 176 with Fordomatic, but was only for lower-line Mainlines and Custom-lines. The 292 -- called the "Thunderbird Y-8" and again borrowed from the 1955 T-Bird and Mercury -- was for Fairlanes. It had a Holley four-barrel carb, 8.0:1 compression, and 200 bhp (standard transmission); with an 8.4:1 squeeze it cranked out 202 horses (Fordomatic). Optional at mid-year was the "Thunderbird Special" 312 (not quite the same engine as the 272/292), rated at 215 bhp with stick, 225 with Fordomatic.

Carburetion was again a Holley four-barrel. Other advances for 1956 were an automatic choke for all V-8s, increased valve lift across the board, a new distributor control diaphragm, and some differential modifications. The six, still standard across the line, was upped to 137 bhp via 8.0:1 compression.

The 1956 Ford front end sported a parking light treatment using a "pod" theme snitched from the Mystere. The V-spear side trim on Fairlanes was changed and widened somewhat, and the taillights gained new lenses. Interiors sported a major dashboard change, eliminating the Astra-Dial in favor of a "Thunderbird-type control panel" with a hooded instrument cluster highlighted by round, easy-to-read dials and a simplified MagicAire heater/defroster setup.

Sales of most makes were down after banner 1955, but Ford's drop in sales that year has frequently been linked to its safety campaign -- which may or may not be true. Spurred by Cornell University's research efforts and the first year of its own safety crash program in 1955, Ford decided to go all out for safety in 1956 with its "Lifeguard design" advertising campaign. Standard equipment included stronger "double-grip" door latches, "deep-center" dished steering wheel, recessed instruments, and safety designed door and window handles.

Friday, February 17, 2012


via American Digest
Discovering a site like this on the intertubes surely makes a blogger feel like he's done his job for the day

Look at This

Via Insty

And Ask Yourself "Is This Worth It?"
NO? Well then we agree.
via Teacheru

What makes this brand of failure worse is that he's actually convinced he's accomplished something. Notice how I didn't use his name at all.

Also This
Obama SCOAMF Holds Nob Hill Fundraiser… Massive Tea Party Breaks Out – Complete With “NoBama” Finger Wags
The SCOAMF isn't even smart enough to be ashamed of himself.

The TEA Party Hasn't Gone Anywhere ... It's just Steeping.

UPDATE: Fixed it. I've got my very own Troll now too. Is there a proper care and feeding guide for Trolls. Do I need to get her licensed or something. She's an Occutard from back east somewhere and likes to google SCOAMF. She comments on months old posts. Fine, I'll keep her.

Failing While Failing

Fox News ~ F-16s intercept unauthorized small plane, later found to be carrying marijuana stash near Los Angeles

Two F-16 fighters intercepted an aircraft Thursday after a flight restriction violation near Los Angeles, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said in a statement.

The privately owned Cessna airplane entered the same airspace as Marine One, the helicopter that was ferrying President SCFOMF, around noon. A law enforcement official says police discovered about 40 pounds of marijuana inside after it landed at Long Beach Airport.

For Some Reason

Shooting This AK Makes Her Wiggle.

Friday Babe The Hallelujah Edition

Kate Upton SI Outtakes

UPDATE: What is she thinking about?
"I wish Dave in PB was here."

Thursday, February 16, 2012


via Proof

Introducing Kaitlyn

If you guys can quit Googling Cheerleaders and Nice Rides for a minute. I'd like to introduce Kaitlyn. She writes her own fairly new and miniscule blog Newborn Care.
Welcome to the blogroll.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Truth Squad

I hope this election cycle turns into a friggin nightmare of truth for the SCOAMF's campaign ... Just Sayin.

Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox has the eerily similar "ATACKWATCH"

Dismantling Islam

Pat Condell

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For The Ladies

Happy Valentines Day Baby!

Happy Valentines

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Scope

For the Ruger

Simmons 3-9x40 Wide

Good Morning

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sea Stories

Kenehoe Bay
Olongopo City
Pattaya Beach
Listen Up!

I presented these shorts back in November just prior to Thanksgiving 2011. My son Ian liked to listen to these stories when he was younger. We would embelish the facts with completely impossible circumstances and laugh. He would have been 14 years old today.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


TRW Top Ten Nice Rides of all Time

1968 Boss 302 Mustano
1970 Pontiac GTO
1969 Camaro RS/SS
1969 Chevelle SS
1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
1968 L88 Corvette
1971 Buick GSX 455
1965 Shelby Cobra Roadster
1968 Pontiac Firebird
1969 Dodge Charger

That's the top ten. In order of presentation. Everyone has their own favorite. Mine is the Boss 302 Mustano. There will be more Nice Rides


Scared the BGezzus out of one of the newbies this morning. I was standing in the security entrance when he opened the door.He very nearly jumped out of his skin. Actually lost his little hipster hat too. I'm a bit older than most of the folks here and usually stay busy in the lab. I haven't had a chance to meet them all yet. His startled look made me smile for some reason.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nice Rides

1969 Dodge Charger

The 1969 Dodge Charger presented perhaps the widest array of choices in the history of the nameplate. There was a base model, an available SE (for "Special Edition") option that heaped on more luxuries, a hot-performing R/T version, and two wild race-bred iterations: the 500 and the Daytona. Engine selections started with Chrysler's trusty 225-cid Slant Six, but also included five V-8s, topped by the rollicking 425-horsepower 426-cid "Street Hemi." Depending on the model, available transmissions were three- and four-speed manuals, plus the excellent three-speed TorqueFlite automatic.

Given all these choices, it's perhaps ironic that the car came in just one body style, a two-door hardtop. The 1969 Dodge Charger was an update of the completely restyled '68 model, which meant it was built on a 117-inch wheelbase with Chrysler's familiar torsion-bar suspension up front and leaf springs in the back. New styling touches for base and R/T Chargers included a vertical center divider in the grille and horizontal taillights.

Big Fur Banned In West Hollywood

Big Fur Hat has been Banned in West Hollywood

See what I did there? It's pretty much the same as that DOUCHENOZZLE at Reuters, Patrick Temple West


Someone Please Tell me who this ASSCLOWN is.
We need to talk son.
(Reuters) - Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday.

These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference.

The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.

Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counterterrorism division.

"We thought it was important to increase the visibility of the threat with state and local law enforcement," he said.

Read Here
Does this story not beg the veracity of both writer and editor?

Nice Rides

1968 Pontiac Firebird

The 1968 Pontiac Firebird underwent few changes for its second year. The changes Pontiac engineers did make included the loss of the side vent windows that where replaced by a one-piece side door glass window, and the exterior also gained fender marker lights. The interior was revised and the rear suspension was refined with the adoption of staggered shocks and the use of new multi-leaf rear springs. The big news again was under the hood as the standard 400 engine gained another 5 horse to make 330 while the Ram Air engine was rated at 335 hp. In mid year, it was replaced by the 340 hp Ram Air II. Newly available was a a 400 V8, named the HO (High Output) that was between the two other engines. It too was rated at 335 hp. On the other side of the engine line, the 230 I6 was replaced by a new 250 I6 and the 326 V8s were replaced by new 350 V8s. Performance was definitely the key at Pontiac.

Monday, February 6, 2012


via Curmudgeon ... Sometimes there are no words.

Spontaneous Childbirth Again

View more videos at:

This time in San Diego along highway 15. It suprises me how this can happen. It was her 3rd child. I might have mentioned before that I had the pleasure of driving a screaming pregnant woman whose water broke just as we were getting into Yuma. It was our first and 30 days early. All that soothing BS you learn in class is nothing but crap.

The Grand Jihad

It's Whittle

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game Day Double Dip

Patriots Cheerleader Alyssa

Patriots Cheerleader Alison Preston

Good Morning

Nice Rides

1965 Shelby Cobra Roadster

In 1963, the Shelby Cobra roadster had already proven itself by smashing the Corvette on the short tracks of America. Shelby also took the roadster to Europe and prepared a hardtop version for Le Mans but placed 4th in class behind the Ferrari GTOs. The turning point came with the Daytona Coupe, a hand-made supercar that would put America at the forefront of sports car racing.

Convinced by Pete Brock, Shelby gave the go-ahead to rebody his 289 Cobra to include a closed cockpit for better aerodynamics. This resulted in a Cobra having a much lower center of gravity and less aerodynamic drag. By October 1963, early tests at Riverside showed positive results with 186mph which was some 20 mph more than the 286 Roadster.

Dave MacDonald and Bob Holbert had the honor of debuting the Cobra Daytona at the 1964 Daytona Continental. The race itself looked promising, with the coupe dominating the first half of the race until a fire in the pits forced the team to retire.

Three weeks later, Shelby American returned to take on the 12 hours of Sebring with the same drivers as Daytona. They beat Ferrari and placed fourth overall leading the GT class. Ford immediately decided to offer Shelby financial backing to assault European GT racing. At this time Ford was very anxious to win on international fronts and was in the midst of creating the GT40 when an attempt to buy Ferrari went sour.

Another coupe was prepared for the 1964 European season and subsequent body production was enlisted to Carrozzeria Grandsport in Modena, Italy.

Cobra Daytonas achieved the fastest GT class time at the Le Mans test weekend and it was a sign of things to come. CSX2299 took the GT-class victory with Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant at Le Mans infront of several Ferraris. For the rest of the season, competition was fierce with Ferrari and the Monza Coppa Inter-Europa at Italy looked to decide the championship. Unfortunately, the event was canceled with Ferrari leading by just a few points. This season remains as one of the great 'what ifs' in Cobra history.

None-the-less, Shelby remained determined in 1965 and four more complete cars came from Carrozzeria Grandsport before the start of the season. The absence of company-supported Ferraris allowed Shelby win almost every race in Europe and the first Shelby became the first American team to win the European GT manufacturer's title.

Meanwhile, Shelby was busy in America fitting the big-block Ford engine into a 427 Super Coupe. Only two prototypes were made until focus shifted to the ailing GT40 program.

Story by Richard Owen

Friday, February 3, 2012

For Some Reason

Shooting the M11/9 Sub Makes Her Giggle.

Go Read Then Come Back

From Email this AM ~ Ruth
It's Mike McDaniel, previously of the Confederate Yankee blog

The Holder Department Of Justice Takes The Fifth

Hallelujah Friday Babe

It's Jennifer.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nice Rides

1971 Buick GSX 455

The Buick GSX package was a special option for any 1971 or 72 Buick Skylark GS from the GS 350 the GS 455 stage I. If one wanted to order an Buick GSX, from your Buick dealer had to check off the special car order section of the form. Like other 1971 or 1972 additions used a deep tuned engine with 8.5:1 compression. But the Buick GSX with the stage one option was still one of the hottest muscle cars in town. Buick fans say it couldn't sit down the quarter mile faster than the LS 6 Chevelle. Both in 1971 in the 1972 is a special frame, a computer design rally tuned suspension and large diameter sway bars.

UPDATE: From Pissed A GSX walk around.


UPDATE: This is blindingly Hilarious I should check in more often.