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Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting It

Mike Rowe: America Has a Dysfunctional Relationship with Work

He mentions his testimony in Washington however its the same message.


  1. Excellent! All those snotty ignorant little weasels camped out in our nations public parks should watch this. Except they wouldn't "get it."

    I've always said my college education never earned me a dime (major in business/minor in science.) What earned me a living was the ability to work and work hard and learn how to do a gazillion different things.

    When you look at kids today and what they are capable or willing to do it is beyond disgusting. Gardening, sewing, minor household repairs, building something, and on and on are things of the past. All they can do is push buttons on a hand held device. Well, guess what? I'll be 66 next month and not only can I do all of the above (plus a ton more), I can also push buttons on a hand held device.

    OT - We don't have cable so I was unfamiliar with Mike Rowe and had to look him up. That being done allow me to say, "He's hot!" (Down girl)

  2. I actually started out as an electrician before finishing school and getting into software development. Didn't hurt a bit