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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sea Stories

Wake Island
Skipping ahead here ... We had already been through Wake Island several times. This time it was a return flight with 10 or so busted marine F4ns. Those things leaked from everywhere as soon as the motors started cooling down. We were meeting up with the Airforce crew that had been doing the inflight refueling for us. Before leaving Olongopo City Chief Towbar made arrangements for securing several dozen cases of San Miguels and a couple of suckling pigs dressed out and packed in Ice. Wake Island is beautiful now. It's actually 2 islands separated by a lagoon and a bridge. Peal Island I think it's called. On the Island there were 3 Philipino men that handled the airfield and 2 American Doctors. There is a barracks / Hotel A cafeteria ... A barber shop with a bowling alley behind it. Every Bowling ball in the place had like 30 holes drilled into it in various sizes oh and a bar. Drinks were 50 cents a piece no matter what you ordered. It's a coral island and there are still bullets everywhere you step. Nice island but no chicks for thousands of miles in any direction. Bummer!

This was our last flight through so the the Skipper made arrangements with the Airforce crew for an epic softball battle and barbeque. The Airforce actually brought in there own bus to transport between the airfield and the village. We would go on to liberate that bus later that night after the ball game to go fishing. The philipino guys from the airfield lived a ways out from the village and kept a little man made pond where they raised what they called milk fish. Delicious ... with whatever the sauce was that they made. Epic game that nobody kept score. Fun night. Later I went fishing off the bridge with Pete. He managed to catch a small shark with his dropline. We ate it for breakfast. Thats all I can remember. We may have attempted to put shark in bed with one of the younger crewmen before taking it to kitchen.

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