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Sunday, December 31, 2017

One Jew’s Red-Pill Journey – Part 1 of ?

Guest post by NITZAKHON

I was inspired to write this by Blonde in the Belly of the Beast’s red pill journey video.  I even thought of doing a video, except that I choose to remain anonymous/incognito to the best of my ability, and somehow I don’t think I’d be as visually appealing as she is. ;)  As to why I am writing this?  To show that people who are aware, and open to new information, can change and – in parallel – to highlight that Jews are not all in lockstep with Leftists, especially in the Left’s intent on replacing Western Civilization.


As I said in my introduction (see the link NITZAKHON, above), I was born in the Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts.  My parents were both far-left Leftists.  Late in life and retired in Florida they both voted for Nader (thanks!) rather than Gore in 2000.  Strongly influenced by my parents – understandably – as well as their friends and colleagues in that lunatic-liberal state, I assumed everyone thought the way they did; I certainly did.  I simply had no exposure to anything else.

Side note: We were very secular Jews.  Yes, we’d do Passover and Chanukah, but aside from Kol Nidre on Yom Kippur, we never set foot in a Synagogue until I turned 12 – as I led up to my
Bar Mitzvah. All of a sudden we attended services every Shabbat morning in a catch-up attempt.  They also didn’t push me to attend Hebrew/religious school on weekends, acquiescing to my desire to not go – something I regret deeply now, and I am insistent that my children attend.  I am also attempting to learn Hebrew, much more difficult at my age, and get better acquainted with our traditions and such (which I’ll discuss in Part 2).

Probably the first exposure to politics and the Left-Right divide that I consciously remember was a girl in our synagogue, about my age, to whom I was quite attracted.  As I neared my Bar Mitzvah and its rite-of-passage into adulthood in the Jewish community, I made a comment that I found her quite attractive and asked advice from my parents on how I might approach her.  Oh, no, they’re Republicans! which was hissed out as if this was the worst possible thing in the world to be.  I got the hint and abandoned any thought of engaging in “the pursuit”.  As I write this and reflect back at my life and people who came into and out of my parents’ circle of friends, I can see several families who got dropped because of their politics; e.g., the S’s, the P’s, both wonderful families but gone from our lives – of course there was a pretext, a rationalization, but looking back it seems crystal clear: the people pushed away from our lives were on the Right.  Just as several cousins on my mother’s side, all Jews and all uber-liberals, have likewise utterly blocked me because I’m to the right of Stalin.  Only now do I understand: for the Left, party loyalty trumps (pun intended) everything else.

I did all the politically correct things.  Trick-or-Treating, I collected coins for UNICEF.  I attended the march in New York in 1982 against nuclear weapons – my first visit to “The Big Apple” and, alas, not my last.  (Aside: on my last visit there, with my wife and sister-in-law, I thought to myself “If owned this place and Hell, I’d rent this place out, and live in Hell” after a line from the movie Chronicles of Riddick.)  But even back then there were cracks in my commitment to the Left.  In high school a person wrote an op-ed piece in the school newspaper about how utterly evil nuclear power was.  I had to reply, writing a response that was for nuclear power; my half-sister had given me a book about nuclear power a few years earlier with a remarkable amount of detail and information.  Additionally, my mother – for some reason – subscribed me to the short-lived Fusion Magazine (published by the LaRouche Movement – go figure!) which extensively praised nuclear energy.  So I was well-armed with information to counter the irrational fears of the original piece.  On this score I was not part of The Collective in being anti-nuclear energy even as my parents and their friends were enthusiastic members of The Clamshell Alliance.  Though I certainly didn’t consciously recognize it, I somehow understood that to have lights and all the conveniences that electricity brings, you need to generate it reliably – something “green energy” does not do even today.


One of the largest changes in my life as I went to college was going full atheist (joke: one should never go full atheist).  I had, in late high school, stopped attending synagogue regularly.  First, as a budding science type, I had seen G-d diminished in His role in the universe, at least as far as the workings and origins of it.  Second, I’d realized that I was attending services for the food and the social aspects, not because of any feelings in my heart towards G-d and, thus, did not feel it was ethical to take part.  And like many atheists I was obnoxious about it too: poking fun at believers.  (Note: I eventually mellowed off of that, even becoming critical of my then-fellow atheists and their apparent need to criticize believers and their “sky god”.)

But on the flip side of things, already showing illiberal thoughts similar to being for nuclear power, I was an enormous space enthusiast in college and still am today (ecstatic over Trump’s pro-space vision), I was a member of the L-5 Society for years, and wrote many pro-space articles for school newspapers and submitted  more to local papers.  I did not see money spent on NASA et al as “thrown away” but rather an investment in the future of homo sapiens; even then, I wanted America – specifically America – to be the leader in this.  This, too, was contrary to the Leftist anti-American Zeitgeist, even if I didn’t think of myself as anything but a good liberal.

I wept openly after the showing, in the school chapel so all could see it, of the TV drama The Day After.  I immediately wrote a strong letter to then-President Reagan about nuclear weapons pleading with him to disarm to “show our good faith” (which I suspect was the goal of making the movie: putting pressure on Reagan), and another one criticizing him after the bombing of Tripoli.  Having multiple pen pals at the time, I proudly sent copies of the letter I had published in the local city rag condemning the attack to every one of them.  To my surprise, one responded with a 180 degree opposite reaction to that which I’d expected: praising the attack and condemning my letter.  This, probably, was my very first exposure to someone who had a non-liberal perspective and I was horrified that anyone could think what that person did.  It was a slap in the face – the idea that someone could not think this was awful.


No, not that – get your mind out of the gutter.  The first time I uttered the phrase That’s weird… quoting from my essay The Leftist Sense of Self (bolding and links in original):

I was living in the Midwest when my police officer neighbor remarked that I should get a gun for self-defense. Having been raised, all my life, to believe that civilian gun ownership was wrong, it shocked me to my core that – of all people – a cop was telling me this.

Unlike most Leftists – and have no doubt that I still was one – I didn’t dismiss this as a flier data point stated by a knuckledraggingslopedforeheadredneck, but rather it made me think those great two words that often stand at the threshold of a new insight: That’s weird…

I started to pay more attention to the ads being put forth by the gun control lobby; data that, hitherto for, I had accepted at face value because they matched what I already thought (i.e., confirmation bias). I wrote to the NRA and what was then Handgun Control Inc. I would follow up with requests for more information on specific topics; e.g., I’d get something from one side, so I’d write the other side for their data on the same topic. I wrote to the researchers whose works were being cited to ask follow-up questions based on their works (most responded!). And I’d cross-check, compare, and lo and behold, I realized something very fundamental – something that, of course, the Rightward side already knows: In virtually every instance, the NRA was far more accurate and complete in its picture.

One egregious example was this famous ad by gun controllers (multiple versions exist). Utterly convincing on its gut-reaction face, upon considered reflection I realized it did not normalize for the population size. Just that fact alone made me suspicious; years later I heard the phrase “Local instability means global instability” as related to my career – the same holds true for propaganda: once a side is shown to be not just biased (after all, every side puts forth information sympathetic to its argument!), but outright deceptive, all credibility falls away. I, like most people, have a strong aversion to being intentionally lied to.

As a result of this revelation, not only did I switch from being a ban-them-all gun controller, but it was one of the defining moments in my move away from the Left and towards the Right.


As I attended grad school after a year in Detroit I found myself taking the Libertarian quiz – one which, I will opine, is “gamed” to make one join the party.  But, I did.  Pro-gun, I was still pro-choice, pro-UN, pro-affirmative action, pro-drug legalization, pro, well, pro pretty much everything liberal.  I found myself voting, in 1992, for Clinton – well, against Bush I.  In 1996 I was disenchanted with Clinton for multiple reasons, but couldn’t bring myself to vote for Dole; I voted Libertarian, the one and only time I ever did so in a Presidential election.  I was still an atheist but had, as I mentioned above, mellowed quite a bit.

But it was a few years into being in the working world when I really started noticing a number of things, and shifting noticeably Rightward; three examples:

Pro-choice / pro-life: Rarely does a bumper sticker provide me anything more than a guffaw; one, however, shook me.  At the post office one day I saw If it’s not a child, you’re not pregnant.  That got me thinking, big time, and while still an atheist I realized that the only difference between a fetus versus a baby was one of perception by the mother.  Mulling that bumper sticker over endlessly, I realized with a shock that it was only that same difference in perception, i.e., human versus not human, that permitted the Nazis to push so many into the death camps.  That was the defining moment in my transition to being pro-life.

Affirmative Action: While in graduate school I had encountered many non-white students.  Most of the ones I met were, in fact, from overseas and some were as dark, if not darker, than their American cousins; some Indians, too, were dark-dark, far more so than many mixed-blood American blacks.  Yet these people were not only kicking-ass grade-wise, they were doing prime research, getting great jobs, and didn’t once complain about raaaaaacism.  I compared / contrasted these people with the “affirmative action specials” that I was meeting in the workplace.  Many were indoctrinated from the moment of their birth that things were so stacked against them they shouldn’t even try.  Probably the key moment in my shift to opposing affirmative action was when, through work, I tutored black children in the community.  A few were genuinely interested in studying, but most – including one 400-pounder super-sized queen – were only killing time.  I understand not everyone is a super-genius, but hard work and perseverance can conquer much… and the majority in that crowd lacked even those traits. 

Somewhere around that time I read an article discussing the Hmong in Wisconsin: An Asian man arrived with the shirt on his back; a decade or so later he was very successful with a luxury car in his driveway.  He was accosted by a black passer-by who said “You’ve been here ten years and have all this?” to which the Asian said “You’ve been here your whole life, how come you don’t?”  That was another defining moment in understanding that it was the American black culture, not racism, that held them back.

(NB: Are there still racists?  Sadly.  There are also people who still think Elvis is alive or that aliens built the pyramids.)

Taxes: For years I had a belief that government should help the downtrodden with a “hand up” – something I no longer believe is government’s role – but each paycheck I looked at the gross vs. net and really wondered if all that charity was worth it given the lack of results.  Unlike my teenage letter to President Reagan (I wrote to him more than any other President) criticizing his tax cuts, I became a fan of them, especially understanding the Laffer Curve.  I also became aware of Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams and their questioning of welfare and government charity, and quotes like that of James Madison – the prime “father” of the Constitution – about governmental charity:

“I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

I also came to realize that the majority of my tax money was a Vote Pump for Democrats to take money from the 49% to give to the 51% for their vote even as they used plunder to brag about how generous they were (with other peoples' money).


What did all these shifts have in common?  Specific and memorable defining moments where I was presented with new information that was dissonant with information I had and beliefs I held, causing me to step back and say some version of That’s weird… and then investigate with an open mind.

To be continued…

Good Morning

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Lake Winnipesaukee near Gilford, New Hampshire

Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Emily Sears

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Adoration of the Shepherds (1622) - Gerard van Honthorst
Isaiah 9: 6
For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Good Morning

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Portland Head, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Islamic Invasion: Not Judaism - Leftism

Guest post by NITZAKHON

Over a year ago I was watching a video about the relentless tide of Islamic invaders flooding into Europe in particular, and by extension (albeit unspoken) into America too, thanks to the 1965 immigration treason to change America’s demographics, e.g., How the Left Wins Elections by Transforming Nations.

Don't forget, more recently, Imperius Barackus Rex and his openly taking sides with America’s enemies, e.g., Obama’s Friends and Enemies, including the Muslim Brotherhood and its long-term plan to take down the west.

Anyway, I’m watching horrific scene after horrific scene, and wondering where the survival instinct has gone.  And up pops a woman, Barbara Spectre, who announces that the flood of Islamic immigration into Europe is necessary and good.  She also said that Jews need to be at the front of this, leading and facilitating this intentional demographic and cultural change.


My reaction was instantaneous:  I. Blew. Up.  I haven’t been that white-hot livid in a long time.  G-d bless my blood pressure.  Thankfully I was alone at the time; I was screaming at the computer “Don’t you understand this will make them hate us?”

And I was right.  Her sound-bite speech has been prominently displayed in multiple videos on anti-Semitic sites, among others Jews who are also supportive of this human tide.  This implies, if not outright states, that this invasion’s origin is derived from Jews as a function of Judaism.  This idea is sadly helped by George Soros, who approaches the level of evil of a typical James Bond megalomaniacal villain, being Jewish by birth (though I would state absolutely not by ethics).  Many of those videos, and articles too, were sent to me by people I’ve written after reading varied anti-Semitic things on their sites/blogs, and all show Jews supporting the Islamic invasion.  That support is cited as evidence that “all Jews” are evil conspiracy members wanting to replace white people with brown ones: hence, “Jews will not replace us”.  But people who believe this are people who, in general, don’t already like Jews and see – confirmation bias – what they want to see. 

But let me delve to the heart of those videos and articles, and the conclusion arrived at by those with that anti-Jew predisposition.  Given seeing these videos and reading these articles that land on the fertile soil of people who already don’t like us, let me state that the conclusion “Jews want to replace whites” is understandable; wrong, but understandable.  And let me also give credit to the few with whom I’ve been able to actually have a discussion – a notable if small subset – and observe that after the exchanges I’d like to think I made at least a little progress in implanting the idea that the true variable is not religion but rather politics.  Coincidentally, in the course of a few google searches as I wrote this, I stumbled upon this American Thinker article, That Barbara Spectre Video, which made an essential point: delving further into the true variable at work here (bolding added):

If she's a Leftist, then her work for multiculturalism won't really be done as a Jew; but as a Leftist or Left-Liberal. Most Leftist Jews are not Jews in a religious sense or in a cultural sense. And, obviously, they aren't pro-Israel either. Thus they are only Jewish by blood -- just like Chomsky. And if blood doesn't matter, as Leftists claim, then they have no right to speak for Jews, when they talk about Israel. They are contradicting their own anti-racism and their criticisms of other people's focus on race or blood. Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are no more or less Jewish than George Bush or Mike Tyson. Most Leftist/Marxist Jews have rejected -- despite what the Nazis claim -- just about every aspect of Jewish culture, religion, and history, as well as Israel.

“IF” she’s a Leftist?  Of course she’s a Leftist.  I state this without explicit proof, but only a Leftist would be so eager to import people whose intent is to destroy the greatest civilization in the history of the world: Western Civilization (ably discussed by Bill Whittle here)… as one way, among others in process, to create the chaos out of which the great Socialist utopia could then arise.  Not for nothing is there widespread discussion of the Red-Green (i.e., Marxist-Islamic) alliance; apparently Antifa and ISIS have entered into talks, being united by their hatred (an excellent book) of the West, liberty, and capitalism.


It’s a supportable correlation that the more religious, tending towards Orthodox, a Jew is the more conservative, politically, they are as well.  Evan Sayet, author of what was to me a seminal piece in my understanding of the Left, Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals “Think”, also wrote a great piece about American Jews and politics: Why Jews Support the Democratic Party:

Put simply, the more Jewish is the person, the more they reject the policies of the Democrat Party.  This should not be the least bit surprising as Modern Liberalism – the dominant ideology of today’s Democrat Party – is the very antithesis of Judaism.

An article in Tablet, a Jewish magazine, takes issue with affiliation of American Jews with Leftist philosophies:

It may be hard to hear, but postmodernism is a threat to Western civilization…

The article goes on (bolding added):

At the same time, a new spirit entered North American campuses, in which universalism has taken on a much harsher form. The new radicalism to an astonishing degree replaces rational conversation with relentless pressure to choose sides and conform to the will of the group.

The Tablet author is certainly focused on Jews and Judaism, but he sure doesn’t sound like a one-worlder Soros-robot to me.  This criticism of postmodernism, i.e., today’s Left and its causes points out the herd-beast mentality of the Left – which I also noted in a prior essay (bolding added, link in original):

In the days when I debated in the local paper’s comment section I was one of the few regularly-posting people from the Right. One day a Leftist sneeringly replied to one of my comments “Do you realize nobody ever ‘likes’ your comments?” My reply was something to the effect of “I didn’t realize we were in a high school popularity contest.”

But that got me thinking that Leftists are herd-beasts (I started keeping track – all the good little Leftists would like-swarm each others’ comments). They move together. They think together. They studiously avoid thoughts that are not of The Collective. A former co-worker was, one day, ranting about eeeeeevil Conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood; he then commented “I don’t know anyone who is against abortion.” I raised my hand, and he sneered and dismissed me outright. That reprises the apocryphal quote “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

There are many notable Jews who are politically-conservative, explicitly critical of Islamic terror and most (insofar as I can find) opposed to the Islamic invasion.  Jews like:
Doubtless I will think of others after I post this.  I’ll put them in the comments.  And of the (admittedly few) Conservative-leaning Jews at my local synagogue, the discussions we’ve had indicate we are all opposed to the admission of more Arabic – read: Muslim – refugees; the same applies to Jews I know through the internet. 


So this Jew states without reservation:
  1. The flow of Islamic migrants must be stopped cold – a good start would be to eliminate the enormous (and economy-crushing) financial incentives to move
  2. Barriers must be built: walls manned with armed guards and permission to shoot at those attempting to breach that wall.  Turn back the boats and, if necessary, sink them; survivors forcibly returned to their origin country.  As a step after that, bomb the harbors from where the boats leave.  As a last resort, lethal measures against invaders must be used - buzzards and sharks have to eat too
  3. In parallel with these efforts social media must be pushed to show that the Hijra invasion is no longer welcome in Western countries
  4. Politicians (like this one) that want this flow to continue must be removed from office; peacefully if possible, but it may be necessary to break eggs to make omelets
  5. Muslims that do not openly and provably assimilate to Western culture and secular government must also be sent back, by force majeure if necessary

I acknowledge that this may require suspension of civilian law, with the risks that entails.  It may even result in deaths and civil conflict.  But without such an effort – globally! – then the next factor comes into play…


Without such admittedly-extreme measures then, sooner or later, the demographic tide will wash Western Civilization away.  Ann Coulter (bolding added):

Everyone who screwed the pooch on this one better realize fast:
All that matters is immigration...

Republicans who treat immigration as a backburner issue should be required to run on the issues they consider more important -- in California. See how your arguments fare in a state that's already been transformed by immigration. That's your new country.

How stupid do you have to be to carry on about taxes, defense spending, ISIS, abortion or the Ten Commandments while intentionally losing on the one issue that will determine the outcome of all these other issues? Too stupid to be of any real help.

And Mark Steyn (bolding added, link in original):

As I said to Tucker Carlson the other night, the demographic transformation of the western world is "the biggest story of our time", and it will indeed determine all the others.

Consider that in Europe, the demographic projections favor Islamic domination: "Eurosion": Muslim Majority in Thirty Years?  This demographic tide is the “brick on the jeweler’s scale” issue, dwarfing all other finer points of Left-Right debate.  And the Islamists know it and have a Long Game – they think and plan in terms of decades and centuries (bolding added):

In 1974, former Algerian President Houari Boumediene said in a speech at the UN:

"One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give the victory."

But why conquer the northern hemisphere? The answer was provided by George Habash, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci in 1972: “Our revolution is a step toward world revolution. It is not limited to the conquest of Palestine. Let’s be honest and admit that we want to trigger a war similar to the Vietnam War. We want another Vietnam. And not only because of Palestine but also because of all the Arab states. The Palestinians are part of the Arab nation. It is therefore necessary that the entire Arab nation wage war against America and Europe. The Arab nation needs to trigger a war against the West. And it will. America and Europe should know that this is only the beginning. Progressing step by step, inch by inch. Year after year. Decade after decade. Determined, committed, patient. Such is our strategy”.

Multiple videos, like the first one I saw that caused my explosion, confirm this: Muslims in Europe openly talk about it.  The notable Mark Steyn, in America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, points this out.  In the UK, Mohammed is the most common boy’s name.  In France, in Germany, in other European countries, multiple cities are on their way to being absolute Muslim-majority through immigration and birth rate.

And serious thought and incentives to get children of Western cultures - lots of children.  Breed like rabbits.


If we don’t stop and roll back this invasion, all other topics, e.g., abortion, taxes, etc., will be eventually be moot.  All peoples, white, blacks, and every shade in between… men and women… straights and gays… Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists… all who oppose this invasion and cultural homicide are natural allies.  As President Reagan once noted:

The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally - not a 20 percent traitor.

Conservative-leaning Jews are individuals and should be judged as such, as we on the Right in general consider the content of individual character.  Jews who vote Rightward, those who are more religious, are the natural allies of non-Jews who also vote that way.  OK, we men may wear a funny hat.  Some men and women dress strangely (“frum”).  We may even have odd curls on our heads or seem overly-fussy about our food selections.  The more you laugh at those things, the more you lump Jews together with the Leftists-who-happened-to-be-Jews, the more the divide-and-conquer tactics of the Left are successful.  As I observed in AMERICA STANDS ON THE EDGE OF A KNIFE (bolding & caps in original):

There are politically conservative Jews, and Catholics, and Muslims, and Hindus, and so on. Conservatism spans across from whitest-white to darkest-black. There are gay Conservatives, and lots of women Conservatives. Have bad feelings towards anyone like that? GET OVER IT. PUT THOSE FEELINGS ASIDE. The Left understands that if we group based on that 80% criteria, if we set aside our few differences to unite against them, they will lose. And so they practice divide and conquer, setting racial groups against each other, dividing the sexes, hyping intolerance of gays, splitting based on religion… they want us fractured.

It is not Jews per se that want to replace whites; there are, insofar as I can tell, three groups that do want this.  First and foremost are the Leftists, among whom are Jews who have abandoned the very principles of their faith to embrace the Left’s utopian dreams – which involves a demographic shift through Islamic (and other) immigration.  They think this shift will give them the political power to effect world Socialism.  They are ideologues which include many politicians.  And the intentional nature of this civilization-level betrayal must be exposed (link to Bat Ye’or’s book added):

Q: Do you believe in the "Eurabia" theory, as do right-wing politicians in Italy?
A: When Bat Ye'or first proposed this theory in 2002, I was skeptical, not believing in a purposeful conspiracy to replace Western civilization with Islam. Fifteen years later, and especially after witnessing the astonishing actions of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, I find it convincing. I can see no other way to explain the spectacular unwillingness to recognize the damage caused by unfettered immigration and blind multiculturalism.

[Addition: Words do not exist to describe the level of civilizational betrayal in these three links:

Refugees directly flown from Libya to Italy in 'Historic First'
MEPs put 'Article 7' against Poland on launch pad
UN Launches App to ‘Empower’ Migrants, Encourage Them to ‘Migrate Safely’

So despite exponential rises in robberies, assaults, rapes, murders, arsons, and increasing numbers of "no go zones" where firefighters and even police dare not go... the EU is continuing on this path, even accelerating it?  Reprising Daniel Pipes just above: This must be intentional.]

The second group are the resettlement agencies gorging on the flood of government money:

Refugee contractors receive over $2 billion in taxpayer dollars annually -- between $2,000 and $5,000 per refugee -- to create resettlement plans for hundreds of unsuspecting towns and cities. And it’s nice work if you can get it: the Ethiopian Community Development Council President, Tsehaye Teferra, makes $275,000; Linda Hartke, head of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, has a $307,000 compensation package; and Mark Hetfield, CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, pulls down $358,517 per annum.

And lastly, we find run-of-the-mill useful idiots (like these women; also consider gays who are for Muslim refugees) who has been brainwashed through the Frankfurt School’s efforts.


Remember, the Koran is a 1400-year-old manual for the infiltration, conquest, and subjugation of the kaffir.  See this video, Is Islam a Manual for World Domination? Dr Bill Warner, and this one, Dr. Bill Warner - Why Are People Afraid, too.  Don’t forget that, in general, Islam is the greatest murder machine in human history.

Whether through Socialist camps killing Conservatives, or Islamic Sharia killing kuffirs, we will be dead if they win (or enslaved).  Can we afford to let our side be sundered one from another, emotions and dislikes played like fiddles, to become easier prey?  Will we be fools fighting in a burning house while our Islamo-Socialist enemies dance around our pyre, cackling at our stupidity as they celebrate our self-immolation?

To my last breath I will stand in their way and say STOP.  Will you stand with me to save the West, or will you obsess about the kippa I wear?

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall hang separately. 
– Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Songs on Steel

with the Fine Folks at BRCC

Have you ever asked yourself, "Hey ... Where the F**k Can I Get My Black Rifle Coffee?"

Well, Here Ya Go.

Good Morning

Enjoy Your Sunday

Nubble Light, York, Maine

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Babe

Rachel Cook

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Good Morning

Enjoy Your Sunday

Swain's Lake, Barrington, New Hampshire

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rule 5 Saturday LinkOrama

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Babe

Sera Mann

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Top of the News

Bystander shoots man attacking deputy outside gas station. No word if Drugs or Alcohol were also involved but it's a safe bet
Updated: Dec 5, 2017 - 11:19 PM
DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. - A bystander shot at a man who was attacking an officer outside a gas station, according to the Sheriff's Office in Dawson County, Georgia.

Officials said a deputy was giving the man a ride to a Chevron gas station. The deputy was about to give the man money when the man began to beat the deputy in the face and head with his fist, authorities say.

An innocent bystander saw what was happening and shot at the man, who ran across the street to a McDonald's. Deputies said the man then assaulted a woman at the McDonald's.

Deputies arrested the man at the restaurant.

The injured officer, the woman and the man were taken to area hospitals.

The deputy was identified as Sgt. Randy Harkness, 52. He is a 24-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office. He has been treated and released from the hospital.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the investigation.
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Monday, December 4, 2017

Guy Hacks Alexa with Billy Bigmouth Bass

This is only mildly disturbing but absolute genius

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Good Morning

Enjoy Your Sunday

Turtlehead Pond, Marshfield, Vermont

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Rule 5 Saturday LinkOrama

Name That Product
As Proof Would Likely Say."I have no Idea what she's selling but, I'm Buying it."

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Babe

Kristina Mendonca