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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sea Stories

Olongopo City
This was our last liberty stop before returning to California with the flight of Marine F4Ns. Chief Towbar had us all gathered after clearing customs. We only had a few items with us. We were in our coveralls and had some civies for later. Chief Towbar was taking us to his bar. Actually it was Towbar's girlfriend store. We entered the Bar from the street and were escorted to the upstairs front porch. There were 8 of us sipping San Miguels. Towbar was doing interviews. One by one The chief would select a girl for each of the crew. I know what you're thinking but it was not anything like I had expected. These girls had a job to do and they would keep us safely occupied overnight in the city. Primarily They were told to have us cleaned up and present for dinner at a nearby resturant just at dark. Thats pretty much how the schedule worked. We had been to so many different places, nobody knew what time it was. We just schedule things for dawn, midday or dusk. Towbars interview was probably more about being able to trust these girls to bring us back on time or not running off somewhere. He couldn't take the chance that we might go missing or get into trouble and miss muster the next morning for the flight back to Atsugi. We had to stay togeather so we setup at the bar.

The girl Towbar selected for me was a beauty. She might have been a bit older than I. No more than 5 feet tall, very smooth jet black hair, brown eyes, a little skinny in the middle and a very nice backside. Her name was Leti. Nice Girl. All having selected a girlfriend. They took us to get cleaned up. In the bath Leti tugged open my coveralls to get me ready to bathe. My clothes were a mess from the days we spent in Tailand and Hong Kong. She took them out to be cleaned along with the coveralls. When she returned I was already in the tub and she just hopped right in. She didn't like the beard I had fuzzed up since leaving San Diego. She sat accross my middle and carefully shaved away the fuzz with a straight razor and a bit of soap. Later after the bath and a very oily massage I had nothing at all to change into so we just enjoyed each others company for a while.

My clothes came back from the laundry smelling like flowers. It was her perfume. Coveralls too. We dressed and I gave Leti a handfull of twenties to change into pesos for our dinner later. She gave me back 2 deciding it was too much. Towbar told us to let the girls change the money for us. She came back with a huge stack of money. 40 bucks buys a lot of freaking pesos apparently. It was time to head back to the bar and ready for dinner. Leti stored my gear in her little sleeping room. Everyone was smiling for some reason and all showed just at dark and off we went with the girls. After dinner we broke up into smaller groups and went dancing or listening to music then later it was back to the bar and to sleep. We mustered up in the morning, hired a bus to take us back to the airport. Nice Girl!

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