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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meet Dofus McJazz

So, I'm standing at the corner in Memorial Square waiting to cross the street. This intersection has six points to enter or exit the square. It's not that complicated. You push the button wait for the drivers to finish turninig left off main and the walk light is illuminated for pedestrians to cross. The light had just turned green on Main for drivers to proceed forward or turn left.

Here comes Dofus McJazz right out of the cafe walking straight out into left turning traffic. I holler "LOOK OUT" He's nearly caused a pileup when the bmw guy slams on the brakes. Dofus McJazz says "I don't have to. This is Massachusetts".

Earlier today I was reading American Digest in the Sideline, it explains everything.
You - "Look out! Here comes a train!"
Liberal - "Yeah, but I feel that the train isn't coming."
- - Liberalism Really is a Mental Disorder

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