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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Community Heartbroken by Loss of Beloved Danvers HS Teacher


A Danvers Highschool Teacher was brutally murdered after school Tuesday afternoon. A student followed Math teacher Colleen Ritzer into a bathroom stall, attacked her with a boxcutter, killing her. This 14 year old student then transported the body to the woods behind the school in a wheeled recyle bin. Following the murder the student stopped by Liberty Tree Mall for a movie and a bite to eat at Wendy's.

Topsfield Police found the teen walking along Route 1 at 3 o’clock in the morning Wednesday when they realized this was the subject related earlier as a missing person from the Danvers area. The student was then transported to Danvers PD.

A boxcutter! When will people wake up and call for a worldwide ban on these evil weapons of death!!?? Not to make light of this poor young girl's death but this is what you Gun Control freaks sound like every time someone is killed or injured by an inanimate object. Had Miss Ritzer been armed, My guess is the result would have been different. Who knows though what this kid had in his head.

The perpetrator of this crime has been charged as an adult. There is a pic but no further info on this individual. I could say he looks like Obama's son. Danvers PD is taking the investigation slow. Remember, this is Massachusetts, anything at all could get the case tossed.

We survive as a people because we agree to live within an accepted code of behavior. When you display a complete lack of regard for your fellow man by committing murder you should be put to death, plain and simple. Why is this so hard for people to understand? When a murderer knows that he won't be killed where is his impetus not to?

Yeah ... This is Massachusetts and that won't ever happen.

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