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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


CNN LINK Iran seizes U.S. drone over Gulf
A unit from Iran's navy has captured a U.S. drone flying over the Persian Gulf, according to Iranian state media reports Tuesday....

Seized With What? A friggin SuperSecret Iranian Tractor Beam? Maybe it was a 30 Thousand Foot Telescoping Robotic Arm. However they did it is freaking amazing. It's remarkably undamaged.

Uh-Oh ...Bagdad Bob has got himself a new gig.
Noteworthy, according to an unnamed military official BAGDAD BOB quoted by state TV, Iran’s cyber warfare unit managed to take over controls of the Sentinel and bring it down. Is it possible? Maybe, otherwise I would not explain why the RQ-170 was not remotely destroyed with a kill-switch reportedly used on such systems to prevent them from going in the wrong hands. Such self-destruction systems are designed to bring down the drone should its pilot lose satellite link from the mobile ground control station.

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