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Monday, December 10, 2012

Eleven States Where Takers Exceed Makers

Otherwise Known Simply as Death Spiral States.
via Say Anything

Ohio Taker ratio: 1.00 The battleground state has a fiscal standoff between takers (people collecting welfare, a government salary or a government pension) and makers (private sector employees).

Hawaii Taker ratio: 1.02 Dark clouds over Waikiki Beach: Hawaii has slightly more takers than makers.

Illinois Taker ratio: 1.03 Too many goodies promised to insiders. Unfunded pensions contribute to the balance of 103 takers to every 100 makers.

Kentucky Taker ratio:1.05 Twilight in Lexington. People drawing from government slightly outnumber people chipping in with private-sector jobs.

South Carolina Taker ratio:1.06 Riptides on Folly Beach.

New York Taker ratio: 1.07 Causes: taxes, unions and, regulations

Maine Taker ratio: 1.07 A beautiful coastline, but lots of takers.

Alabama Taker ratio: 1.10 The Mises Institute, located in Auburn, AL, is outnumbered.

California Taker ratio: 1.39 Now, we are talking serious takers--who all think they are givers.

Mississippi Taker ratio: 1.49 It's a deadly combo of welfare workers and state employees.

New Mexico Taker ratio: 1.53 The worst taker state in the country

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