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Thursday, March 8, 2012

SCOAMF The Movie

via IMAO

So there’s going to be this big documentary of the Obama presidency. You’d think it would be pretty cool — like one of those big disaster films like the movie 2012. But apparently it’s going to be a campaign tool for the Obama campaign, which means it will be about the Obama presidency but they’ll somehow portray all he’s done as good. So I’m not sure if it’s a documentary or science fiction.

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  1. Hypocrites to the highesr degree!
    You racists mangle Obama's successes as "delusional' and "false" yet you can't answer why websites like Politfact and exist! they exist to prove to are liars!
    "SCOAMF" is a retarded racist crap created by retarded racist who are STILL pissed America voted for a Black man as President of the United States instead of a Ditzy quitter, Caribou Barbie!

    I hate that poor people get health care, and our dependence on foreign oil is a good thing? The "staggering debt" has nothing to do with the wars started by the previous President. Higher unemployment -- actually the economy is recovering. Unsecured borders -- fewer people are coming across than during the Bush years. I don't even know what "compliant unconstitutional herds of followers" means. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the Middle East? hmm... want to think about that? De-funding our military? Absolutely deep cuts can, and should, be made in the military budget.

    Of course, now you have a lying rebuttal to Obama "inheritin" the Bush economy to "he created it"! So Obama created the wars in Iraq and Afgan? Obama crrated the Keystone and TARP program?

    If you don't believe me the Google which president increased our debt the most, and the United States Treasury Report will verify this information. Just so you know, before you look up this extensive and accurate multi-page document. Bill Clinton increased our debt the least, while he was the President. Enjoy your research.

    You dinbats are too busy lying about Obama's successes and "broken" promises and other crap you remove this obvious fact!

    You racists KNOW the GOP candidates are a joke, you KNOW they can’t win. and you HATE that they are attacking Obama and being respectful at the same time!

    Obama is anything but a Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity.

    Anyone who calls Obama a "SCOAMF" is a retarded fact. plain and simple!