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Friday, March 2, 2012

The TEA Party

Why they dislike us so much

We're ordinary everyday patriotic Americans.

We served our country Faithfully and expect the same from our government.

We work hard everyday to raise our families.

We ask nothing of benefits or entitlements except where they are properly earned.

We expect to keep a fair portion of our own income each month.

We're predominantly Christian and support Israel against the medieval muslim hoarde.

We don't believe in Man Made Anthropogenic Global Warming.

We know that spending money like a crack addled chimp in Vegas is not an investment.

We ask uncomfortable questions at times and expect a proper answer.

We can make a pretty fair shot at 100 yards or so. Closer in is better though.

We know the Media cannot be trusted with the time of day.

We understand Public Sector Unions are a menace to the US tax payer.

We don't give a rats ass what the UN thinks of us.

We know the difference between a terrorist and a regular flag waving American citizen.

We depend on no one but ourselves and thank no one for the priviledge.

Also ... Please do not assume we're racist simply because we don't like you very much.

You know what else they dislike about us ...

They know if we're left alone we'll be fine until it's cool to be American again.

AND ... This is what makes their heads EXPLODE.

They know we will not be governed by a gang of halfassed ignorant elitist chuckleheads in Washington.

Goodbye Andrew. We'll take it from here.

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  1. Very well said! Did you see this video?