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Friday, February 17, 2012

Look at This

Via Insty

And Ask Yourself "Is This Worth It?"
NO? Well then we agree.
via Teacheru

What makes this brand of failure worse is that he's actually convinced he's accomplished something. Notice how I didn't use his name at all.

Also This
Obama SCOAMF Holds Nob Hill Fundraiser… Massive Tea Party Breaks Out – Complete With “NoBama” Finger Wags
The SCOAMF isn't even smart enough to be ashamed of himself.

The TEA Party Hasn't Gone Anywhere ... It's just Steeping.

UPDATE: Fixed it. I've got my very own Troll now too. Is there a proper care and feeding guide for Trolls. Do I need to get her licensed or something. She's an Occutard from back east somewhere and likes to google SCOAMF. She comments on months old posts. Fine, I'll keep her.

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  1. Just keep plenty of copies of unsold NYSlimes and LASlimes dead tree editions around for your new troll. The only thing they do is shit on the floor and waste space. Smacking them on the nose with facts only makes them froth at the mouth and run around, chasing their tails in circular strawman arguments. Good luck, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you end up euthanizing the worthless POS.