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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pass The Popcorn

via Vanderleun at American Digest

A Complilation of Major Films of 2011
He Says ...
At 166 films at =/-$10, you've just saved around $1,600. Not counting the overpriced popcorn.

"This is where a cathartic and overarching statement would succinctly sum up the year's displays of creativity, passion, ingenuity, and bravado, but the only thing that comes to mind is: weird shit. Lots of weird shit. War horses and evil clowns. Hobos with shotguns and super-powered Nazi hunters. Cancer comedies and a silent warrior in a scorpion jacket. Iconoclasts, conspirators, madmen, and crusaders." -- Alex

The Ultimate Hamburger
That's right: first liquid nitrogen at -346F and then into boiling oil. That's when I knew I was listening to a certifiable maniac whose resume and fortune were the only things that stood between him and an Institution for the Cusinely Insane.

Still I had to wonder, "What can that cheeseburger possibly taste like?" I was more than a bit disappointed when he offered to sign copies of his $625.00 book after the talk. I was sort of hoping he'd invite us all out for some burgers.

OK you just saved like 1600 bucks. Do something nice at Soldiers Angels and enjoy a tastey burger as well.

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