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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An explaination ... to a kid

Dave_in_PB Sez:

My son posted the other day on facebook, a question along with the phonetic curse "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" He knows I don't like it when he posts using foul language and he deleted the post. The question, However, is valid. "Why is it when you get an A on a test you grade increases by 1.4% and if you fail a test you get a 43% hit on your grade?" They don't teach kids in California anymore. Teacher's job is to collect performance data so they can prove their own worth to the union /system. In California you get cursory concepts on a given subjet and let go to learn on your own.

Let me try to explain this liberal fantasy of an algorithim for you. Every kid should know this!

1 If you blow off the entire semester (because you're bored) but, Ace the final, Its a fail, beacuse you did not provide teacher with appropriate performance data to prove his/her ability to teach.

2 If you blow off half of the semester then Ace the final, Its a pass, You provided teacher with some data that can be used to prove he/her can teach kids to learn something.

3 If you work hard, do the work and ace the test, you will have your "A" because you have provided Teacher with appropriate performance data on his/her ability to teach.

The last Teacher I had that actually taught me anything was Mr. Hagar 7th Grade American History. Lecture ... daily and collect notes for grading I learned to appreciate our US history as well as the value of personal responsibility. Maybe it's just that we wait for that one influance to push us further.

Have a teacher you want to remember?

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