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Thursday, December 26, 2019


Happy Birthday to you Sir!

Happy Birthday to Me: In My Extreme Age
Do wish him well in his extreme age.
Turn around, a decade [plus one two] is gone. 70? 71? 72 73 74? It doesn’t feel so old. I’m told that it is but it doesn’t feel that old. At the same time, I confess I’m not exactly sure who this geezer is who shows up in the mirror every morning — or where he came from. The thing is he keeps writing notes like this and leaving them where I can’t help finding them:

On the day of my own birth, I generally remind my dear readers (all 2 or 3 of you) of something significant that also occured on the same day as my twin sister's birthday.

In 10 or 11 years you've all been stumped. I think in the future, much like my dear friend Vanderluen, I'll just come out and let you know when golf claps are appropriate.

By the by, Requests for belated birthday greetings will be denied until the following year. "Ahem"

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