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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Top of the News

Trump Tells Pelosi, Democrats ‘to Immediately Cease This Impeachment Fantasy’ - Legal Insurrection
“You have developed a full-fledged case of what many in the media call Trump Derangement Syndrome and sadly, you will never get over it!”

In Other News

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Tuesday (12/17/19) - The Daley Gator

Democrat condescension is spawning the Tea Party 2.0 - IOTWreport

These Obama/Trump Voters Are Just Trump Voters Now- American Power

The Left is Having a Meltdown Because Justice Neil Gorsuch Went on Fox News - Free North Carolina

Cartoon Round Up - Theo Spark

December 16, 1944 through January 25, 1945 - Evi. L Bloggerlady

Owens On The Intellectual Dishonesty Of Leftists - 90 Miles From Tyranny

Federal Judge Allows Dead Purged From Georgia Voter Rolls - Dems Claim Voter Suppression - Diogenes Middle Finger News

Trump defiant as expected House impeachment vote puts Capitol Hill on edge - Fox News

Quote du jour and Best of the Web - Proof Positive

Gaudete Sunday ... He is near - Adrienne's Corner

Dear Sen. Schumer, In An Era Of Video, Everyone Has Receipts - Political Clown Parade

Retirement apartment for rent? Very negotiable terms? Dead man found in freezer. - Drake's Place

The Sons of Liberty, then and now - American Thinker

FISA Court Rips FBI, Orders Fix It By Jan. 10 (Embedded) - The Lid

Mitch McConnell to Schumer: It's Not the Senate's Job to "Scramble" and "Search Desperately" to Make a Case That Adam Schiff Was Too "Slapdash" to Make Himself - AoSHQ

Impeachment Circus Update - The Other McCain

Jimmy Dore Show: MSNBC Claims It’s Using FACTS In Russiagate Reporting - The Last Tradition

We’re Saved: Coloring Books For Adults Highlight ‘Climate Change’ And Sea Birds - The Pirates Cove

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