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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nice Rides

1956 Ford Thunderbird

The 56 TBIRD was the second edition in this first series of Fords Thunderbird model line. Adrienne notes "The 57 was an abomination with those ugly fins and the back end of the 55 was too short when the top was on. Only the 56 was perfect in every way."

What makes it special: It was a return salvo, created by the Ford Motor company to give competition to Chevrolet's Corvette. It was also the first mass-produced edition of all the Ford Thunderbird models.

What made it famous: It was Ford's two-seater sports car with a removable fiberglass top. For 1956, it offered more power with it's new 215 hp, 312 cu in V8 (with optional stick-overdrive), or 225 hp (with self-shift Fordomatic), enabling the T-Bird to reach speeds of 110-120 mph.

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