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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ignoring The Obvious

Unless the obvious is too obvious to ignore.
Because Obviously this is a hate crime.

Lunenburg School Superintendent Loxi Jo Calmes is a tool.
Poor taste in hazing does not a hate crime make. I do feel sorry for this family. A very stupid kid prank gone too far and horribly wrong. It should not have happened. Probably one or two persons involved that cannot find the courage to confess, face their judgement and properly apologize to this family
The GLOBE article doesn't mention it. The victim's family is biracial. A racial slur including the N word had been painted on this family's home
LUNENBURG — School Superintendent Loxi Jo Calmes announced Monday evening that all remaining games for the Lunenburg High School football team, including the popular Thanksgiving game Nov. 27 against St. Bernard’s High School in Fitchburg, have been forfeited following a racist hate crime targeting a young player.

The Lunenburg team is in the spotlight after racist graffiti was discovered Friday morning spray-painted on the residence of 13-year-old Lunenburg player Isaac A. Phillips, who alleges wrongdoing by teammates.

Calmes thanked the community for attending a vigil Sunday night and for supporting Isaac and his family, who were the targets of an “act of hate.” The district will continue to make its resources available to assist the Phillips family, Calmes said at a press conference at the public safety complex.

She also confirmed an investigation into allegations related to racial slurs by Lunenburg players directed toward Worcester South High Community School football players a few weeks ago.

Now For The Not So Obvious.

Media and race baiting government officials have ignored reports of black mob violence called the Knockout Game for quite some time. Many of the recent media reports exclude the facts in that victims of this vicious game are primarily white although Asians are OK too.

Typically a group of disenfranchised inner city black youths come upon a victim on the street while one of the group prepare to take video of the encounter using his handy Iphone video app. The object of this activity is to see if the participating black yoot is strong enough to knock out the victim with one punch to the head. Police usually call this criminal activity simple assault.

Here are some examples of the game as it is played.
In Hoboken, three black people punched a homeless person in September. He died. Not too much different from an earlier episode in Syracuse, where a black mob killed Michael Daniels in May.

In August in Lansing, several black people tried to play the Knockout Game with a twist: They used a taser. It misfired. The victim’s gun did not. He wounded his attacker but stopped firing after the Knockout Artist begged for mercy.

In January, several members of the University of Alabama national championship football team attacked two students in what many call the Knockout Game.

At the University of Illinois in Champaign, the game has a different name: Polar Bear Hunting. But with dozens of examples, including a local TV reporter, the black mobs play by the same rules: Find a defenseless white or Asian person, and punch them in the face until your arms are tired. Or they are knocked out. Or dead.

In St. Cloud, Minn., a car full of black people came upon a college student in an alley walking two girls home from the library. The car screeched to a stop, one man got out and hit 20-year old Colton Gleason in the face. He died. His attacker was convicted earlier this year after the jury rejected his defense that Colton and the two female college students he was walking home actually hit their car.

In March of this year, six black people were convicted in the stabbing death of Matthew Chew in New London, Conn. The headline tells the story: 25-year-old victim loses Knockout Game.

In Pittsburgh last year, several black people were caught on video punching a teacher in the face as they passed each other in an alley. That happened twice: Earlier that year, another teacher was almost killed as he slipped and fell in traffic while fleeing the Knockout Game, on video.

Last year in Meriden, Conn., DeAndre Felton and his 10 of his friends thought they found an easy mark for a bit of the old Knockout Game. They chose the wrong guy: He pulled a knife and killed DeAndre and wounded one other attacker. The attackers’ parents said their children were innocent, just like Trayvon Martin in Florida.

In St. Louis earlier this year, a black person was sentenced to life for the Knockout Game death of a 72-year old Vietnamese immigrant.

In St. Louis alone, a judge said one person was responsible for 300 episodes of the Knockout Game.

In Oklahoma earlier this year, an accused killer of the Australian college student Chris Lane tweeted that he was “playing golf” and hitting “woods” prior to the murder earlier this month. Woods is short for “peckerwoods:” White people. The Knockout Game.

He said he did that five times since the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin.

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