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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Top of the News

Why is this clown back in the news?

Obama Reportedly Said He Will Intervene to Stop Bernie Sanders From Getting the Nomination
- PJ Media Rick Moran
As radical leftists continue to take the necessary steps to bury the Democratic Party in 2020, a few of the more rational party members are starting to push back in earnest.

Chief among them is Barack Obama. The former president has spoken out against political "wokeness" and the "cancel culture" and warned Democrats running for president not to "tear down the system."

This resulted in a backlash from the radicals who are angry over Obama's apparent betrayal. But Obama, more than anything, wants Democrats to win. And he knows that pushing Medicare for All will be a losing issue, as will the tens of trillions of dollars of freebees being pushed by Sanders and Warren.
In Other News

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