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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck

FIREARM REVIEW via Concealed Nation

What in the heck is this?

I for one do not hate the 22 mag for self defense
Sometimes you just use the tools you have.
As shot show nears, many gun enthusiasts will be calling for firearm innovation. Shooters love their polymer 9mm handguns and 1911’s however something new and different really grabs their attention. Gun lovers call upon manufacturers to produce firearms that has never been seen or experienced before. Many times, it is individuals who use their creative minds without the fear of taking risks. There are actually people who spend countless hours in their basement engineering and creating a unique firearm in hopes that one day it will make it to the American firearm market.

Standard Manufacturing looked innovation straight in the eye and created a revolver called the S333 Thunderstruck. It’s a double barrel revolver that fires two .22 Magnum rounds with a single trigger pull. Two shots of .22 Magnum in a self defense scenario is utterly daunting. Don’t ask me how this is not an NFA violation because that’s a different topic for a different time. The S333 Thunderstruck has been ATF approved and is available to be legally purchased.

The revolver’s name, “S333” stands for the “rule of three.” The rule of three means that most self defense scenarios take place within three yards, with three shots fired in under three seconds. Standard manufacturing considers the S333 Thunderstruck revolver a great self defense handgun. Although many shooters have their opinion on the best self defense firearm, nobody would argue that two shots of .22 WMR would be devastating.


  1. YES!! In a revolver!! interesting!! The .22mag is a great round even in a semi auto.. for up to 50 shots then break out the hoppe's #9!! Meet me at the bar and buy the first round, then I will explain!!!

  2. Listen Skybill ... If you're ever up here in New England I'll buy the keg and a nice brisket and we can spend the weekend shooting shit that needs perforating.