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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pathetic Losers Continue Whining

A Complete Rundown Of Patriots’ Cheating Accusations From ESPN

David Wade on Twitter
ESPN now reporting #Patriots threw the football that hit Marcia Brady. #Patriots #Deflategate #Spygate
BOSTON (CBS) — For some reason or another, ESPN decided to run a nearly 11,000-word story on Tuesday about Spygate.

Yes. Spygate. From 2007. Here, in 2015.

The timing is certainly questionable, and given that ESPN was recently forced to apologize to the Patriots for sharing a false report numerous times in recent months, and given that a false report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen regarding the PSI of footballs in January launched “DeflateGate” into a full-blown national scandal, it’s safe to question whether perhaps the growingly icy relationship between the network and the team prompted this new investigation.

Now, the modern 24/7 news cycle being what it is, many folks ran with the new ESPN story as if it was a bombshell, one full of incredible new facts and details about the NFL scandal from eight years ago
Here's a Clue ... Whining isn't anything at all like Winning.


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