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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Judge Nullifies Tom Brady's 4 Game DeflateGate Suspension

Tom Brady's four-game suspension from the NFL for his role in DeflateGate has been nullified. In May, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down the punishment, which Brady officially appealed last month. Although Goodell was the arbitrator for the appeal, he changed his original ruling and has now decided that the quarterback presented sufficient evidence to reduce his punishment for allegedly having knowledge that Patriots staff deflated footballs ahead of the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts.

Goodell previously claimed that the only way Brady would be able to get his suspension reduced or eliminated was if he provided new information -- specifically, information that Brady initially did not provide to the Wells investigation, such as text and phone records. It's unclear yet if Brady did present new information, or if there were other factors at play.
UPDATE: There has been no word regarding the Million Dollar Fine or Loss of Future Draft Picks Previously Imposed Against the New England Patriots. Roger Goodell is said to be Crying his Bawl Baby Eyes Out and Remains Unconsolable.

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