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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's PSA

via Castle Argghh
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Ok Facebook, I need to see if I can get this little story shared. About 2 weeks ago, myself and other Truck Drivers with the company I drive for had stopped at a Rest Area In Kansas. This Family with a young man dressed In Army Blues stopped at the Rest Area, a older couple, a lady about 30/40, and a little girl 5/6 and the young army man. After using the Rest Room, they left. One of our guys went into the Rest Room and found where the Young Man had taken his Army Ring Off to wash his hands and left it laying on the sink. We stayed at the Rest Area for about 30 minutes to see if maybe the family would realize that he had left it and came back to get it, but they never did. Would love for this guy to get his Ring back, so the more shares this story gets, maybe just maybe somebody some where might know this guy. I have the Ring, so all anybody needs to do is get ahold of me on here, or email me at

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