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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the Way to the Office

This morning I came upon a motorcycle accident just after it happened. I pulled off the road and went to the downed motorcyclist to check him out. Bleeding, Breathing and Broken Bones. He was alert when I asked his name. Told me he thought his ankle was busted and he had a huge gash the length of his right shin. For some reason it wasn't bleeding.
He had been on the way to work when some clown pulled out in front of him on Aiken Ave. The clown in question was already on the phone with emergency services. The bike was in the street. The rider was crossways in the middle of the road over the yellow line. Traffic was starting to backup over the bridge. I sat in the street with this guy until EMS arrived. Sitting in the middle of the street with a broken ankle and traffic backing up is kind of lonely dontchaknow. To be honest, I didn't want this guy to lose it before EMS arrived.
We spoke briefly about the weather and he asked me to help him with his helmet. He pointed at the office just behind us and asked if I would let his boss know what happened. After EMS arrived I walked over and reported the accident asked to see if someone there could help with the bike. I was late getting in this morning. Not a thing really. Couple things I want to mention. Be Careful, This kind of thing can't be undone. Patience is a virtue, work can wait.

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