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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nice Rides

1970 Hemi Cuda

Dodge went with big-car styling cues for its new pony, Plymouth favored a certain economy of line. The Barracuda may have looked lean, but with the right engine, it could be very mean. And no muscle car was meaner than the 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda.

Sporting derivations again were 'Cudas and featured five hot V-8s, from the sharp 275-bhp 340 and flexible 335-bhp 383, to the imposing 375-bhp four-barrel 440 and the brutal 390-bhp 440+6. Atop the list: the merciless 425-bhp 426 Hemi.

Plymouth knew the big-blocks' mission, and gave the 440 and Hemi 'Cudas a suspension tailored to heavy-metal acceleration. They had no aft stabilizer bar, but their rear leaf springs numbered five on the right, six on the left, with thicknesses chosen to equalize tire loads in hole shots. Wheel hop was negligible, but careless starts would still send the skins (F70x14s on 440s, F60x15s on Hemis) up in smoke.

The Barracuda rode a two-inch shorter wheelbase than the Challenger, though its body dimensions were the same. The 'Cuda's standard hood had phony intakes, but the functional shaker scoop was included with the Hemi and was a $97 option on other 'Cudas. Mopar gave the Hemi hydraulic lifters for '70, so it was easier to maintain and, according to some testers, had improved low-rpm power. Some also were impressed with the Hemi car's handling, though others said it was hopelessly nose-heavy. All agreed that ordering the optional 11.3-inch front disc brakes was a smart move. But which 'Cuda was quickest?


  1. >>>The Barracuda rode a two-inch shorter wheelbase than the Challenger

    I have learned my One New Thing for the day. I always thought they were pretty much identical.

  2. Help me out here. There's no shortage of Nice Rides at all but the best ten. So Far it's The 68 Boss 302, 70 GTO, 69 Camaro, 70 Chevelle SS, 70 Hemi Cuda.

    I'm thinking like a sweet Buick GT, a Shelby GT maybe another GTO like 1965, a Corvette maybe 68 and something else and Something else I have no idea maybe a firebird

  3. Pinto?

    Sorry. :)

    Agreed on the '60s Corvette. Beyond that it gets harder... Maybe an Olds 442? Something with a convertible top?