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Friday, January 13, 2012

Bought a Gun Today

Fairly Recent Ruger 10/22 ... She's a beauty

This would explain the warm feeling all inside right now


  1. So, staying stock, or going under the knife? I mention this to a lot of people, since I hate to see a good piece of wood replaced by a bad piece of plastic; some of those 10-22's have really fun, pretty grain. The last one I pulled down for a buddy had great fiddleback, and looked like a $500 gun after $10 eorth of work. I love the 10-22

  2. She's a beauty ... staying stock. Looking at optics now ... My old eyes have to reach 100 yards or more. It's a pretty gun. Nicest I've ever owned. Looking forward to blasting the heck out of some targets very soon. We have a 10 day wait here in CA ... 9 days to go.