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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Red and Anarchist Action Network
Via American and Proud

A True North American over at American and Proud is worried that our Tea Party folks may get roughed up by some hipster anarchists this comming election season. Sorry,I couldn't find a permalink.

It's starting early this time because of the shelacking we offered them in 2010 They cannot stand ordinary un-hyphenated patriotic americans. Race baiting Congressmen and women would like nothing better than to point blame at an organization that refuses to be governed by lefty elitest chuckleheads in Washington.

CLUE! You have no Idea What you're Dealing With!,
I'm going to say this again. Please do not assume I'm racist simply because I don't like you very much.

The Tea Party is going to happen the same way as last time. Regular Un-hyphenated american citizens showing up waving flags.
Anarchists like to infiltrate and cause a disturbance typically from behind and get people swinging on each other then back away.
It's not going to happen. There won't be that many anyway and they're effing hippies. If they give you any grief at all find a nearby Tea Party Dude to come sit on em till the police arrive.
Just be Ready when the time comes.

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