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Monday, August 1, 2011

Peace Through Governance

There is an Older woman whom rides the bus each afternoon. She wears the same jacket daily with the slogan "Peace Through Governance" emblazoned on the back. I thought at the time this slogan sounded a bit off the mark. Peace is more often hard fought
and won properly. I was intrigued, so I googled it. Sure enough there is a web site dedicated to the Peace through Governance organization. Here's the blurb No Link for them
Peace Through Governance
One Earth Future's (OEF) vision is a world beyond war within one hundred years, achieved by developing more effective systems of global governance.

Didja get that? Global Governance ... Huh? They're operating several projects, the flagship project they call Oceans Beyond Piracy... I know it's starting to sound like some scary retarded UN Agenda 21 thingy. If you made it past the Global Governance issue without spewing, here is a bit about the OEF vision

The OEF Vision
OEF is gravely concerned that the current state-centric governance structures cannot on their own solve global concerns and resolve armed conflicts. Technology and the relentless processes of globalization create significant stresses on the global system that result in armed violence within, between, and among, sovereign nation states. The current conceptualization of international order, where nation states operate as the main legitimate actors on the international stage, is too limited to effectively mitigate violence. Increasing diversity and specialization create enormous complexities in governance. The current method of organizing these divergent interests under the nation state framework is inadequate.

Pretty much they're saying leaders of sovreign nations are incompetent and cannot be trusted to behave themselves internationally. The project they highlight I mentioned earlier is Oceans Beyond Piracy

Maritime piracy is one of the world’s oldest international crimes. Cicero called pirates “hosteis humani generis” or “enemies of mankind”. Unfortunately, two millennia after Cicero spoke these words, pirates continue to plague the high seas. Early international law declared it the duty of states and their navies to deal with pirates. Similarly, contemporary international responses have focused on regional, state-based approaches to solving the problem of piracy. However, nation states have not found a viable and sustainable solution to this crime, and they are encountering increasing difficulty responding to maritime piracy. The One Earth Future Foundation believes the world needs to develop a global solution. OEF established the Oceans Beyond Piracy Project to develop short- and long-term collaborative approaches to solving maritime piracy.

They're going to Govern away Piracy with technology and business partners or something. To me it just sounds like an awful stupid way to waste a lot of other peoples money. In The history of piracy or terrorism, What is Piracy if not terrorism on the high seas there has been only one way to stop pirates and terrorists and such. Go there. Find them. Kill them all but one. Break all their
stuff and burn and sink everything they own. You make it so horrible that they do not want to be pirates or terrorists anymore. I think a better slogan for this organization might be Peace through Superior Firepower. Just Sayin.

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  1. "Let's negotiate with the pirates, so they can tell us all we're doing wrong; we'll make it right, and maybe they'll stop being pirates."

    Yeah, that'll work.

    The sad thing is, the ordinary people that support this "One World" cr*p never think that they're being used, and that the One World Government would not find them useful anymore.

    BTW, thanks for the blogroll listing. I have returned the favor, Dave.