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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Top of the News

Somehow, Fulton County Democrats Choose Fani Willis Again
With all the information that has come to light during Fani Willis’ tenure as district attorney in Fulton County, Ga., it would be understandable to think that voters in the county would be ready for a change. Yet somehow, Democrats in Fulton County have overwhelmingly voted to send her to the general election this November.

Willis defeated her challenger, attorney and writer Christian Wise Smith, to the tune of 89.4% to 10.6%. WSB Radio reports that the Associated Press called the race within a half hour of polls closing.

Willis ran in 2020 as an anti-corruption candidate, positioning herself as an alternative to the then-incumbent prosecutor, Paul Howard. It didn’t take long for her to embed the office in corruption of her own.
In Other News

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