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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Top of the News

Spoiler Alert: Prosecutors' Tortuous Trump Case Is 'Confusing' to Nearly Everyone - Victoria Taft
The first witness in Donald Trump's trial for alleged "criminal" bookkeeping errors came with National Enquirer-worthy titillations about what a hot commodity the former president was back in the day. Prosecutors thought they'd burst out of the gate with a little razzle-dazzle and T&A, hoping that jurors would believe the witness had anything to do with the actual charges in the case. This is because — spoiler alert — the prosecutors' actual case is a "confusing" distraction. It's the "Seinfeld" of legal cases.

But since a Manhattan jury will likely convict the former president because Orange Man Bad, here's what happened in court with the opening witness on truncated court sessions Monday and Tuesday.

David Pecker, the former publisher of the National Enquirer, testified that he worked with Trump's lawyer to kill stories that hurt Trump's reputation or would be hurtful to his wife and family. This is the so-called catch-and-kill scheme, wherein sources would approach the Enquirer with an unflattering story about Trump (this applies to Hollywood stars and big shots), offer money to the people telling it, and then make the story disappear.
In Other News

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Speaker Mike Johnson’s Sgt. of Arms Threatens Rep. Massie to Take Down his Video of Democrats Waving Ukrainian Flags on the House Floor or Face $500 Fine - IOTW Report

The crime of walking while Jewish on campus (and some history regarding campus unrest) - The New Neo


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Patriots owner Robert Kraft pulls support for Columbia amid ‘virulent hate’ on campus

Judge Dismisses Riot Charges for Over 100 Illegals Who Rushed Border - Bongino Report

Biden Faces Another Uncommitted Ballot Test in Pennsylvania Democrat Primary - Bongino Report

Speaker Johnson to Meet With Jewish Students at Columbia - Newsmax

Progressive Democrat women have become suicidally evil and stupid - American Thinker

Woke NPR Absurdly Puts ‘Trigger Warning’ on Declaration of Independence - The Lid

Democrat Party Takes a Cut of Donations for Bail for Pro-Hamas Criminals;
NFL Donated to Group Providing Free Bail to Terrorism Supporters

In The Mailbox: 04.23.24 - The Other McCain

Democrat Minnesota State Senator Arrested for Alleged Burglary - Bongino Report

Climate Wackos Annoy Bostonites By Blocking Bridge - The Pirates Cove

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