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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Top of the News

Defending Yourself in Blue Cities Might Land You in Prison

No one likes a “dirty water” dog and a knish more than I, but New York City — or “Moscow on the Hudson,” as I call it — isn’t safe to visit these days, for several reasons.

If you think the overwhelming stench of jazz salad is annoying, wait until you drive your loafer into a steaming pile of human feces Eric Adams street kabob.

I don’t perform comedy shows in New York City at this point. My lefty friends tell me I’m being pusillanimous — kidding, they aren’t smart enough for that word — for not wanting to risk a street crime.

That’s not the case. I grew up in an “evolving” neighborhood in Detroit. I moved to New York City in 1986, when 1,309 New Yorkers were redrummed in the first 10 months of the year. I lived in New York City during the early 1990s, when north of 2,000 people were slaughtered each year. I’ve paid my dues.

Bernhard Goetz — a 37-year-old white man — shot four black teens who surrounded him and asked for a $5 “donation” back in 1984, making himself something of a hero back when your average New Yorker was sick of getting bopped, robbed, raped, or shot.
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