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Sunday, April 24, 2022

By the By

Noticed this past Wednesday Morning Our Friend the Daley Gator was not in usual place ...

Wheelgunner finds him and drags him home again

The Daley Gator Is Fighting the Cancel Fight
Cancel Wokeness! If You are Left you ain't Right

The Daley Gator has apparently been canceled by So, in the interim, until he lands at a final destination, the link above is where you can find him. It is still listed in the sidebar as "The Daley Gator" because in the long run that is what I think he will keep, and also, I need to keep my sanity.

I've also resorted the sidebar to no longer put all of the blogs starting with "The" under the letter T. Something I've been meaning to do. (If you let WordPress do your sorting, "The" goes under T, and when I moved I just copied stuff wholesale. But I never liked it.)

So update your links, and give him some traffic at the new site. And stay tuned. Because I have the feeling that WordPress is about to embark on a "Let's cancel those damn conservatives" wave of wokeness.

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