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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

J.J. Sefton's Morning Report

AoSHQ The Morning Report
October 26, 2021

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  1. The employment and vaccine situation is a bit of a "shaggy dog" story. Basically it looks like the Democrats and Progressives pulled the "bully" trigger with no idea of what they were dealing with. Warning: Rant Ahead.

    I suspect that the vaccine push is part for control and a big part for profit. I am pretty sure that the government paid (or guaranteed payment) up front in order to get the vaccine manufacturers to commit to a risky and speculative project. I have no idea what the "deal" was but it sure looks like the payments by individuals, corporations, and medical insurance will have the potential for diversion into certain people's hands as "fees" for maybe "consulting" or for "donations". Someone on the inside may have a handle on this but what I see is that more vaccinations means more grift for the "worthies". The push for vaccinations is thus probably drive by lust for power and profit (grift).

    Most "jobs" require quite a bit of training and/or experience. Most "systems" work and are profitable at or near maximum capacity. No company hires employees to sit around, "just in case". If a "surge" in activity hits, it can take awhile to hire and train new employees. If you try to get something extra, like a mandatory vaccination with an experimental preparation that may have long term consequences (like auto-immune disease) you may find your self without sufficient essential trained employees to conduct business.

    SouthWest Airlines ran "close to the bone" and hired enough flight crew to service their schedule plus a few extra to deal with routine problems. Short term surges, like Columbus Day weekend (Who knew?) were handled by pilots taking overtime. The Airline made out since that was far cheaper than having "surge" crews sitting around doing nothing. The vaccine mandate about broke the system. Pilots are retired military, are healthy (they have to be), are not at risk of adverse outcomes (death) from the Kung Flu and were young enough to worry about developing auto-immune disease. Then there was the Delta pilot who dropped dead during a flight ~two weeks after his vaccination. The flight crews became "uncooperative" during the long weekend surge and then "cashed in" their accumulated sick and vacation leave which they would have lost if they were fired. SouthWest faced extinction.

    The Kung Flu now is far milder than the version that savaged China. The vaccine doesn't prevent infection or disease spread. The CDC, FDA. and Dr. Fauci are no longer trusted as sources of information. It is clear that the vaccine(s) have some risk of sudden death, disability and possibly long term auto-immune disease. Some employees have decided that the risk of the vaccine outweighs the possible benefits. Hospitals are being overwhelmed, not by disease but by staff shortages.

    It isn't clear why the Administration is pushing the vaccination mandate. Greed and Power are obvious possible factors. If you have treatable medical comorbidities (high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, obesity,etc) take care of them. If you have untreatable comorbidities (cancer or transplant therapy, advanced age, etc) protect yourself. The vaccines will not save you. A rag mask will not save you. The vaccine mandate is a fool's errand that will not save the vulnerable, but which will destroy our society.