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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Top of the News

Calamity Jen Psaki Has an Embarrassing Joe Biden-Esque Moment
Earlier this month, Jen Psaki admitted that the White House doesn’t recommend Joe Biden taking impromptu questions from the media. She didn’t explain why—we all know why. Joe Biden can barely read off a script intelligibly, let alone speak off the cuff. But, it seems like Psaki has been spending a bit too much time with Joe Biden, as she appeared to forget what HUD stands for.

“And one more question: What percentage of the approximate 48 million rental units that are available in the U.S. — how many are actually covered under the eviction moratorium?” a reporter asked.

“That’s a great — excellent question,” Psaki replied. ” I’d have to check with our Department of Housing and Human and — you know, HUD — the HUD. I’ll check with our friends at HUD. And I’m happy to get a number to you if that’s available.”
In Other News

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