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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Top of the News

Trial By Mob: Chauvin Jury Punts So They Can Leave - Victory Girls
The verdict came stunningly and tellingly quickly. The trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd concluded rapidly with less than 24 hours of deliberations.

And with such a quick verdict, the conclusion almost felt inevitable. The trial ended with the jury finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts.

Now, there are REAL questions regarding the charges, and how the third-degree murder charge was reinstated after being initially removed. However, for anyone who actually paid attention to the trial, and the charges involved, reasonable doubt clearly existed.

But the problem is that in order to consider reasonable doubt for Derek Chauvin at trial, there would have needed to be a jury of uncommon courage. Given how determined the media has been to remind the jury that their lives could be ruined at a moment’s notice by an activist press and a mob that wanted a guarantee that this trial would go the way they wanted, there was no way that all the jurors could stand up to the mob.

So the mob got what they wanted at trial – three guilty verdicts. The jury gets what they want – they get to go home, and not be sought out by media or mobs that already tried attacking the former house of a defense witness with animal blood.
In Other News

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