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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Top of the News

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportation Freeze

In Other News

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Tuesday (01/26/21) - The Daley Gator

On way out the door Trump signs EO to hold un-elected officials calling shots more accountable - IOTWreport

Space Patrol- American Digest

Rand Paul Highlights Democrat "Incitement" in Speech Against Impeachment Trial - Free North Carolina

Cartoon Round Up - Theo Spark

Elton John: January ️ - Evi. L Bloggerlady

You Don't Think the RULES Should Apply to the Left - 357 Magnum

McConnell on Senate rules: A travesty of an absurdity - Bookworm Room

Climate change blamed on ‘systemic racism’: Biden climate advisor - 90 Miles From Tyranny

You Too Can Sign Up For Dorsey's Truth Squad Minions - Diogenes Middle Finger News

Quote du jour and Best of the Web - Proof Positive

Michael Matt agrees with me ... and many other people. - Adrienne's Corner

Gavin Newsom Completely Revokes California Statewide Stay-at-Home (Lockdown) Order — It's a Miracle! (VIDEO) - American Power

Another day, another stunning display of AOC's ignorance - American Thinker

SHAMPEACHMENT: The Absurdity Of Chuck & Nancy’s Show Trial - The Lid

Paul Sperry: New Evidence Suggests That Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Might Have Been Complicit In Kevin Clinesmith's Criminal Forgery of Documents to Frame Carter Page - AoSHQ

Manufacturing an Atrocity Narrative: How BLM Distorts the Reality of Crime - The Other McCain

What does the power-sharing agreement between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell really means for the American people Both sides are playing us! - The Last Tradition

Doom: Sea Rise From Melting Ice Prognostications Way Too Conservative - The Pirates Cove

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