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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Top of the News

5 Things to Know About Night 2 of the Republican National Convention
The Republican National Convention (RNC) highlighted the promise of America, the threat of the radical Left, and the achievements of President Donald Trump. The convention delivered an action-packed evening with some powerful surprises.
In Other News

Noted expert on police tactics condemns shooting of Saint Jacob Blake And, by noted expert, I mean noted moron LeBron James

Court filings: Medical examiner thought George Floyd had ‘fatal level’ of fentanyl in system - IOTWreport

Shots Fired- American Digest

Democratic state Rep. John Deberry Jr. delivers an incredibly powerful speech on race in America. - Free North Carolina

Cartoon Roundup - Theo Spark

🐘 Day One of GOP Convention 🐘️ - Evi. L Bloggerlady

Portland Has Gone Over the Edge - 357 Magnum

Nick Sandmann of viral 2019 March for Life video speaks at RNC - 90 Miles From Tyranny

Is the Media Sitting on Word of a Major BLM Protest in DC? - Diogenes Middle Finger News 

Quote du jour and Best of the Web - Proof Positive

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Maximo Alvarez warns against communism while CNN "fact checks" the Republican National Convention ... in a hilarious attempt to discredit Trump and the lineup of wonderful speakers last night. - Adrienne's Corner

Golden State Killer Sentenced to 26 Life Terms - American Power

Welcome to Tomorrowland - redpilljew

Trouble: One out of four Democrats thinks their party platform stinks - American Thinker

Pence Slams CNN: Your Network Was ‘Wrong About a Lot’ Regarding Pandemic (WATCH) - The Lid

nts Left Pushes Lunatic Conspiracy Theories That Melania Trump's Redesigned Rose Garden Spells Out "KKK;" NBC "News" "Analyst" Howard Fineman Spreads Conspiracy Theory - AoSHQ

Why Fast Food Isn’t Fast Anymore (and Other Serious Social Problems) - The Other McCain

GOP Blow Out: RNC 2020 opening night ratings blow away 6 times DNC viewership - The Last Tradition

GOP Runs On Law And Order Strategy At Convention - The Pirates Cove

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