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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Good Morning

Enjoy Your Sunday

Goosefare Brook, Saco, Maine

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    Dear Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and Assorted Idiots, especially that Moonbat “Ms Shaw”!
    There is a lesson to be learned here, and I'll be glad to spell it out for you:
    We tried to tell you but YOU said that we were crazy.
    YOU voted for a Man who Hated what America stood for…TWICE.
    And although your won’t admit it, YOU know it.
    For the past years, the Emperor of Kenya has made it very clear that he wanted to stick it to the “rich” and hike their taxes, he made it very clear that he was NOT a supporter of Israel our closest Ally.
    WE, as conservatives, TRIED to tell you that HE was lying.
    We tried and we tried and every time we told you he was going to hike YOUR taxes, even though YOU are part of the MIDDLE CLASS that the Emperor said MUST NOT be harmed by higher taxes…

    YOU told us that WE had NO IDEA what we were talking about.
    YOU called US crazy. You called US names.
    YOU said WE were lying.
    Well, now that you’ve seen your paychecks, what do you think?
    77% of ALL Americans, regardless of their class, lower, middle or upper, have had their taxes jacked up.
    YOU are among them.
    WE were telling YOU the TRUTH.

    Remember Obamacare? Well, THAT’S ONLY just PART of your current tax hike, there much more to come..
    We told you so.
    died LAST year because, Capital Gains taxes are also UP, Up, UP!!!
    We told you so. Take another look at your paycheck liberals, socialists and assorted idiots Ms. Shaw included, Oh, let me revise that and say ESPECIALLY MS. SHAW! and while you do, realize the guy responsible for your shrinking bottom line just came back from a 6 MILLION DOLLAR Hawaiian Vacation with His Grubbing Wookie and Hundreds of Others... and YOU and I paid for it! .

    He left for vacation without having a deal to hike YOUR taxes yet, had to fly home to finish YOUR tax hike, flew BACK to Hawaii to play more golf and then, flew home Again…all on Your Dime While You Waited for Your First…smaller…paychecks , and Then Higher Taxes!
    We told you too, that were the Emperor allowed to jack up taxes on the “rich” he wouldn’t be done with it there. We TOLD you he would want MORE.

    We were correct about that too.
    Over the past year Pelosi made it clear that YOUR socialist party is not yet done raising taxes, opening our Boarders, allowing Illegal’s to vote, and only God knows what else.
    And let me end by saying We hate you and your Progressive crap!