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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Top of the News

Russia, Russia, Russia

What Could Have Caused This? CNN to Cut as Many as 300 Staffers
CNN is planning to cut up to 300 jobs, "many being older employees with years at the network," according to a report on Monday.

According to FTVLive, a website that monitors the television industry, "Word is that just under 200 people will be pink slipped and just over 100 will be offered a buyout." Staffers are reportedly calling the cuts a "massive brain drain" because so many veteran employees are being given pink slips.
In Other News

Dirtbag State Congressman bullies elderly woman - The Daley Gator

“Unrelenting Force”: Trump Sends Carrier Strike Group, Bombers to Deter Iran Threat - IOTWreport

Hitler's in the Charts Again - American Power

Democrats Accuse AG Barr of Doing Exactly What Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch Did for Obama - Free North Carolina

Cartoon Round Up - Theo Spark

The World Ignores Chinese Muslim Reeducation Camps - Evi. L Bloggerlady

Former Clinton and Obama Adviser Found Dead by ‘Suicide’ in March - 90 Miles From Tyranny

Los Angeles Renames Three Mile Road After Famous Skid Mark - Diogenes Middle Finger News

Boston Lyft, Uber drivers to join nationwide strike Wednesday

Quote du jour - Proof Positive

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia), Pennsylvania's First Openly Gay Representative Attacks Elderly Woman Praying in Front of Planned Parenthood - Adrienne's Corner

Mayor Pete And God - Political Clown Parade

Purple-haired militant snowflake displays intolerance and deficient vocabulary. - Drake's Place

Quick Hits May 7, 2019 - redpilljew

Seven 1 dead, 8 Injured in Colorado School Shooting; Two Suspects in Custody - AoSHQ

In The Mailbox: 05.07.19 - The Other McCain

Yes, AOC is this stupid: Ocasio-Cortez blown away by first experience with a garbage disposal - The Last Tradition

Queen Nancy Says Dems Cannot Accept A Second Trump Term - The Pirates Cove

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