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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Top of the News

The Cross Still Stands at Notre Dame Cathedral
Paris's stately Notre Dame cathedral went up in flames on Monday, and it took firefighters about 12 hours to snuff out the inferno. The fire claimed the roof of the transept and the massive spire, but it appears the priceless artifacts have been saved.

Late Monday night, images of the cross above the altar, still standing after the blaze, circulated around the internet. Despite the ravages of the inferno, the cross still stood, a symbol of the cathedral's resilience.

While the fire had reached one of the iconic bell towers, both of the towers remained intact. The 18th-century organ with 8,000 pipes also seems to have survived, along with other treasures, officials told USA Today.

"You can still see that the statue of the Virgin Mary is still standing," Catherine Oudot, a 63-year-old Parisian, told USA Today. "It’s a relief to know that it survived. Notre Dame isn’t just a Christian landmark or a cultural landmark. It’s an absolute symbol for us, for France."
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