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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Top of the News

Plow driver allegedly targeted Falmouth Anti Trump protesters
It wasn't me!
Witnesses say plow operator intentionally sprayed them with snow, ice.

FALMOUTH — A snowplow driver who allegedly targeted a group of anti-Trump protesters, spraying them with slush and ice as they demonstrated on the Falmouth Village Green on Presidents Day, faces charges of disorderly conduct and assault.

John C. Pimental, 31, of Mashpee, will be summonsed to Falmouth District Court to answer to the charges, according to Falmouth police Lt. Douglas DeCosta.

Pimental is a contractor who plows for the town of Falmouth, assigned to the area of Woods Hole, DeCosta said. The village green where the incident occurred was not part of his plow route, DeCosta said.

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  1. The top story, on the snowplow. Ya see a snowplow coming down the street and you're near the street...the thought to get out the way of any potential residual snow/slush/water doesn't enter their mind at all. Yep, they're Dems. Idiots.

    And thank you for the link. Take care Dave.

    1. It could have been my Sparticus moment.
      I AM PLOW Guy!