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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


via FB Friend Dan

TTAG:Lord Rockwell Reveals the Not-A-Bumpstock Stock
Your eyes are not deceiving you.

This is not a bumpstock. That one piece stock and grip and whatever that mystery part there is just a couple parts in a new system of pew things, none of which are bumpstock.

The new rule that was issued reinterpreting what bumpstocks and machine guns are is actually pretty narrow. Lord Rockwell has provisional patents on new pew technology that supersedes the bumpstock, but also has a wider application and purpose in the market.

The Not-A-Bumpstock is not a bumpstock. And it’s most definitely not a machine gun. As is the timeless tale of regulation, governments ban things, and the marketplace replaces them with new products to comply with the law. For non-gun owners, it’s like that upcoming iPhone Jailbreak that you know is inevitable.

We chose to wait to announce the product until after the bumpstock ban so that regulators did not arbitrarily target our product too. That would have been particularly upsetting since it’s not a bumpstock. Among other things, the Not-A-Bumpstock aids injured veterans, the elderly, and others with disabilities to be able to shoot again, and shoot very fast.

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