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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nitzakhon: Coining a quote...

Wondering if it will go viral...

When it comes to matters of honor, ethics, morality, the Rule of Law, adhering to the Constitution, or loving America, I'd sooner French-kiss a rattlesnake than trust a Democrat.

L'Nitzakhon (To Victory)
And L'Shana Tova to my fellow members of The Tribe


  1. HI "ZAK!!,"
    I think we have a winner!!! After readin' your quote, all I could think was an old "Jed Clampett" sayin',"HOOOODOGIES!!!!!"
    The sad part is the "Truth" of the matter....Democrats, since they no longer adhere to these "Points" you mention, are no longer "American!!" No wonder that they refuse to stand for the National Anthem or put hand over heart and Pledge Allegiance to Our Flag!! What is their next step... Although they have "desecrated the Constitution and Bill Of Rights" their folly is not finished!!! I feel that they will not stop till they bring down "OLD GLORY!!!" and haul up the "Head of Lucifer!!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,
    III%,(May Mike Vanderboegh Rest in Peace!!)

    1. I not only fear you are correct in naming their dark desire to take down Old Glory, but have commented many times that this seems to be their stated goal - as taken from word and deed.

    2. Hi "Zak!!,"
      As long as I am "Alive!!".. OLD GLORY will FLY!!!! Me and a gazillion other U.S. Military "Active" and "Veterans" will stand true to our "Colors!!!" We that are still alive are "the Lucky ones!!" so far!! Too many of our Comrades "wore the Colors" to cover their Dead Body on their way home to Momma!! Many of us also were the ones who carried them!!! "All that for a stupid piece of cloth" as "Mike Roberts " said to his husband Barry O. that fateful day at the Twin Towers ceremony!!! Little did he know he was being recorded!! It probably will never get to the point of "Them" pulling down "OLD GLORY!!!"... Oh no, it will never get to that point!! Because we will be in a "Shooting War" with them and probably sooner than we think!! That's OK... Our side has a couple of trillion rounds of ammo, more than enough guns and troops that know how to use them. The other side can't even figure out which bathroom to use...."Go Figure????
      Got Gunz....OUTLAW!!!!,

    3. BTW, The "Festivities" will make "KO-SO-VO" look like "Cub Scout Camp!!!"
      Blue Skies, Back Death!!*,
      (*) Ask a really Old Fart Hard Core Skydiver for the answer....

  2. Unfortunately, that sentiment can also apply to too many on the other side, supposedly the good side. But as we have seen of late, they too are snakes in the grass and care not for the country and are only self serving scum sucking bottom dwellers.

    1. Hi "Zak!!,"
      I know!!!! They give "Catfish" a bad name!!!