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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Top of the News

LIFE LESSONS: Never Leave Your Toddler Home Alone Whilst Out Shoplifting

Fake News? The Left revels in it! - The Daley Gator

Alternate Facts – CA lawmakers push to require schools to teach about Russia election ‘hack’ - IOTWreport

Elizabeth Warren Cut Off from Speaking Against Jeff Sessions Because She Violated Senate Rules - American Power

Kathy Shaidle: My NEW Taki’s column: We Need To Talk About Quebec - Five Feet of Fury

IRS Tax Scam Exposed - Ownage Pranks - 90 Miles From Tyranny

Put A Sock In It Bruce...... Just Play Your Crappy Songs. - Diogenes Middle Finger News

Quote du jour - Proof Positive

"Pizza Gate, Women's Strike, and Trump speaks at MacDill Air Force Base - Adrienne's Corner

Something Wonderful: The Best Ad Didn’t Run Until The Super Bowl Was Over, We Now Know Why… - American Digest

NOAA Whistleblower: NOAA Climate Warrior Rigged Data to "Debunk" Warming Pause That Began in 1998 - AoSHQ

In The Mailbox: 1.31.17 - The Other McCain

Leftist website Bloomberg outrageously mischaracterizes Trump's posture toward Iran as "growing hostility" as Iran issues more threats to the United States - The Last Tradition

A White Utopia?” - Free North Carolina

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