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Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Can Own An Official New England Patriots Deflategate Ball

Deflategate football used by Patriots being sold in auction
A ball reportedly used in the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Colts is being auctioned off in hopes a fan will bid on a piece of Deflategate history.

According to the auction page, the ball was given to a fan after a LeGarrette Blount touchdown. The page says Blount dropped the ball and then Patriots receiver Brandon LaFell picked it up and handed it to a fan in the stands.

According to the fan's story, the Blount touchdown came after Darrelle Revis' interception. That touchdown run occurred late in the third quarter, which means the ball was properly inflated at that time. But, according to the Wells Report, the 12 balls used in the first half were again used in the second half.

The ball has enough markings to prove its legitimacy. Referee Walt Anderson's initials are visible in gold Sharpie, it says Patriots in dark writing and it has the official Roger Goodell signature seal. Also included is a photo of the game ticket and the fans holding the ball.

"The historical importance of this piece cannot be understated," the page states. "It is the most 'topical' piece of sports memorabilia that we can recall ever being sold so close to the event itself."

If you want this piece of history, you'll need some serious cash. The reserve on the ball at this point is listed at $25,000.

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