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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fun in Keene

Riot on the pumpkin patch: Police called in to pepper spray out-of-control students at the pumpkin festival as they overturn cars and launch themselves from rooftops

Students from New Hampshire State decided to throw a kegger during the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival on Saturday. Students arriving at the festival from Rhode Island State were turned away when the beer ran out and called 911 claiming they had been discriminated against as a minority group in Keene NH. Pure Racism was alleged, a hate crime. The NH State students claimed the RI Kids had been scooping all the local chicks and were asked to return to their own venue of Higher Education.

And thats when the fight started ...

Parties in Keene, N.H., got out of hand Saturday, as thousands of students spilled out into the street and were met with police in riot gear who fired tear gas.

First Responders investigating later found that the RI Kids had in fact exceeded their bag limit on local NH State Chicks and that the NH State kids had willfully and discriminatly refused free beer to a minority group of students from Rhode Island. All involved were charged accordingly.

Reportedly, The UMass kids were all stoned and were having a heck of a time getting pizza delivery but otherwise thought everything was normal.

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