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Monday, October 15, 2012

This Matters and You Can Help Now

via BigFurHat
Tea Party Patriots GOTV: Call From Home *Tea Party Patriots needs your help in spreading the word to your readers about the free “Call From Home” Get Out The Vote program.* Your readers can play a big part in this election by making free calls from their home to undecided voters in swing states to encourage voter turnout. The script, numbers and instructions are provided to the phone banking volunteers. We are asking volunteers to make only 25 calls. The next day, if they like, they can receive another 25 names and numbers. It’s simple, fast and it works! We need more volunteers to maximize our success. Tea Party Patriots needs your help in getting the word out to those who may not live in swing states but would like to have an impact in states where the election will be decided. We all know the importance of voter turnout on November 6. *Please consider posting about this important Get Out The Vote effort that we believe will have an important impact in swing states.* Please post the following link and a few words basically saying “Tea Party Patriots is providing an easy way for you to help voter turnout in swing states called the “Dial From Home” program. It’s free, simple and doesn’t take much time. Please consider giving a few minutes to encourage voter turnout in this most-important presidential election. Here’s the link to follow”

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