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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the Way to the Office this Morning

The Truck having arrived just over a week ago from California. I've managed to hit every single bump in my little town. Some more than once. I'm pretty sure this old truck is going to shake to pieces some day. Having left the bunker early this AM heading south on the Highway towards the office, one of the smaller Radiator hoses sprung a leak and was leaking coolant on the thermostat housing and manifold. It looked really bad when I pulled off the road with steam pouring out from under the hood.
What I needed was a couple gallons of coolant or water and about 4 inches of duct tape. What I had was about 12 oz of water and a cloth I use to check fluid levels. With the car key was able to cut the hem off the cloth and jury rigged a small patch for the cracked radiator hose. Just as I was finishing up another car pulled off the road just ahead of me and offered a Jug of coolant and a gallon of water from his trunk. We had never met before. He was just another Joe heading into work. I asked him why he stopped to help. He said "You're TEA Party Right?" "You're Ex-Navy Right?" I responded in the affimative. "Thats why I stopped" He said, and we shook hands as I thanked him for his generosity. Really? That's what the TEA Party does for fellow patriots like themselves. That Gadsden is better than a Triple A Sticker any day.
Guess whats going in the back of the truck tonight.


  1. I'm impressed with your ingenuity. I would have called Allstate (like them better than AAA)

    However, I will say while researching a problem that developed with our "new" van, I was getting to the point where I was ready to dive into the engine myself.

    Thankfully, the Ford dealership correctly diagnosed the problem (my research backed up their diagnosis) and fixed it. I was actually happy with a repair department at a dealership which is HUGE! Our mechanic builds airplane engines in his spare time. I was hoping to fly the van home. heh

    Anyhoo - glad you got it patched up, got to work, and met a nice guy.

  2. Thanks Adrienne. I too was an airframe and powerplant machinist in the Navy. F4s at the time. I'm used to fixing stuff with nothing. It'll be good enough to get me back to the bunker and to the radiator shop down the block