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Friday, September 16, 2011

Post em if ya got em!

From Email This AM

Dave in PB,

My name is Chris Lyman and I am a die-hard political weenie. My grandmother was Undersecretary of the Air Force under the Carter administration (not bad for a woman in the 1970s!) and much of my formidable youth was spent arguing around a dinner table: left, right, and center. I watch two hours of political news each day and, well, it's clear: I have politics on the brain. :)

This is why I write to you today. One year ago, I co-founded a political/tech startup. The company is called and our goal is: real-time, social polling to improve the political discourse. See, the web has done a great job of giving the "little guy" a voice. But, it has done a lousy job of distilling those voices into actionable data for our politicians. They still rely on phone surveys!

So, my company has made this really cool, free plugin for publishers. It scans your articles for politicians and allows your readers to rate & discuss the people you write about. It also introduces them to older articles about the same people to drive up your engagement numbers. So, far so good! We are on about 350 sites including They have gone on record reporting saying that they see a 42% increase to time spent per article and a 71% increase to page views. The 2nd stat seems inflated, but I do not doubt the 1st one -- readers really like becoming engaged in the political process.

The plugin is gorgeous and I have included some screenies below. I really think it's a great fit for The Right Way. What do you think?

Chris Lyman co-founder
office: 310-xxx-xxxx 2
min video about our plugin

PS I forgot to thank you for what you do. I realize these are tough, partisan times. However, its people like you -- brave enough to talk about the issues we face -- that give me hope for our system's future. So, thank you. :)

Not sure what to think of this at the moment. I had thought that one of my passerbys might have become offended and reported me over at Atttaaaccckkk Wwwaaatttccchhh. However this guy actually has a website. It's an attempt I think to socialize, as in Social Media, the blogosphere. Seems wierd though that the several folks reporting this come directly out of the blogroll

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